Duduman - details and analysis   

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The word Duduman has a web popularity of 118000 pages.


What means Duduman?
The meaning of Duduman is unknown.

What is the origin of name Duduman? Probably Romania or UK.

Duduman spelled backwards is Namudud
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Dmuunda Umudnad Udnamud Dumanud Anudumd Dadmuun Umdadnu Nuumadd Nadduum Udmunda Ududnam
Misspells: Dudumsn Dudumana Dduuman Dudumna Duduamn

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Duduman Duduman Duduman Duduman Duduman

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Petrea Duduman
Neculai Duduman
N Neculae Duduman
Domnica Duduman
Mihai Leonard Duduman
Rodica Duduman
Mihaela Duduman
Aurel Duduman
Ortanta Duduman
Ioan Duduman
Constantin Duduman
Florin Tudor Duduman
Savastian Duduman
Mircea Duduman
Angelica Duduman
Petre Duduman
Marian Petre Duduman
Dumitru Duduman
Viorel Duduman
Manuela Doina Duduman
Corneliu Duduman
Margareta Duduman
Beniamin Duduman
Eugen Duduman
Iulian Duduman
Viorel Doru Duduman
Georgeta Duduman
Angela Duduman
Alexandru George Duduman
Victor Duduman
Mihai Duduman
Mariana Duduman
Gheorghe Duduman
Valerica Duduman
Sanda Duduman
Stefan Gabriel Duduman
Olga Duduman
Iuliana Duduman
Catalin Duduman
Stefania Simona Duduman
Verica Duduman
Elena Duduman
Gabriel Duduman
Petru Duduman
Gavril Duduman
Viorica Duduman
Antonia Duduman
Tudor Vili Duduman
Lidia Duduman
Vasile Duduman
Nicu Duduman
Lucia Duduman
Laurentiu Duduman
Maria Duduman
Costica Duduman