Ciocea - details and analysis   

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The word Ciocea has a web popularity of 53400 pages.


What means Ciocea?
The meaning of Ciocea is unknown.

What is the origin of name Ciocea? Probably Romania or UK.

Ciocea spelled backwards is Aecoic
This name has 6 letters: 4 vowels (66.67%) and 2 consonants (33.33%).

Anagrams: Icaeco Oaciec Ioccea Oceaci Aicceo Aoceci Icaoce Acocie Ecaico Icoace
Misspells: Cioces Cyocea Cioceaa Coicea Ciocae Cioeca

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Ionel Ciocea
Elena Ciocea
Petre Ciocea
Vasile Ciocea
Ion Octavian Ciocea
Eugen Ciocea
Emilia Ciocea
Vadim Ciocea
Fanica Ciocea
Cosmin Ciocea
Nicolae Ciocea
Constanta Ciocea
Adrian Ciocea
Paraschiva Ciocea
Costica Ciocea
Octaviana Ciocea
Silvia Ciocea
Chirica Ciocea
Sergiu Ciocea
Cornelia Andreea Ciocea
Dumitru Ciocea
Stanca Ciocea
Rodica Mary Ciocea
Oana Georgeta Ciocea
Helena Carmen Ciocea
Aurica Ciocea
Sorinel Ciocea
Constantin Ciocea
Anca Ciocea
Gheorghe Ciocea
Paul Ciocea
Florian Daniel Ciocea
Alexandru Ciocea
Valeriu Ciocea
Viorel Ciocea
Marius Ciocea
Emilia Magda Ciocea
Ion Ciocea
Delia Simona Ciocea
Iustina Ciocea
Marioara Ciocea
Nicusor Ciocea
Carmen Ciocea
Georgeta Ciocea
Ana Ciocea
Vasilica Ciocea
Elena Carmen Ciocea
Aurel Ciocea
Cristian Ciocea
Hannelise Ciocea
Maria Ciocea
Sabina Ciocea
Floarea Ciocea
Anica Ciocea
Petru Ciocea
Valerica Ciocea
A Nicolae Ciocea
Florica Ciocea
Gelu Ciocea
Maria Despina Ciocea
Claudia Elena Ciocea
Marita Ciocea
Olga Ciocea
Marian Ciocea
Florentina Ciocea
Otilia Laura Ciocea
Ecaterina Ciocea
Delia Ciocea
Tudor Ciocea
Octavian Ciocea
Mitu Ciocea
Tanase Ciocea
Marin Ciocea
Rodica Ciocea
Ioana Ciocea
Bogdan Stefan Ciocea
Pauna Ciocea
Stela Ciocea