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The word Cheran has a web popularity of 404000 pages.


What means Cheran?

The meaning of Cheran is: romanian version for the bulgarian name keran

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...Cheran is one more director to turn producer during the good old days of tamil cinema.
Cheran is one more director to turn producer during the good old days of tamil cinema when heroes like mgr and sivaji ganesan were riding the crest of success.
Cheran is one of the few filmmakers who has not succumbed to the commercial bug and continues to make movies that satisfy his own creative spirit and also.
Cheran is a mage born warrior of the amazon kingdom bastius and the oldest of 4 children born to queen maeve and her consort marcielo.
Cheran is a research associate at center for refugee studies in toronto.
Cheran is an outstanding director who is becoming big and all his movies are really different with some message in it.
Cheran is very smart in taking problems that an average person has.
Cheran is being flooded with more offers for acting.
Cheran is a research associate with the centre for refugee studies at york university.
Cheran is like east los angeles or south los angeles.

What is the origin of name Cheran? Probably Romania or UK.

Cheran spelled backwards is Narehc
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Hercan Nceahr Ncaehr Hnecar Nerach Rcenha Nrecha Hrenca
Misspells: Chersn Chetan Chelan Chean Cherana Cehran Cherna Chearn

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