Burghiu - details and analysis   

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The word Burghiu has a web popularity of 508000 pages.


What means Burghiu?

The meaning of Burghiu is: 'burghiu' drill

What is the origin of name Burghiu? Probably Romania or Italy.

Burghiu spelled backwards is Uihgrub
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Uburgih Ubhigur Uughibr Rubuhgi Uibrugh Hgiubru Gburuih Ihrugbu Uhrubgi Higuubr
Misspells: Butghiu Burghyu Bulghiu Bughiu Burghiua Brughiu Burghui Burgihu

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Maricica Burghiu
Simona Maria Burghiu
Nicusor Burghiu
Marin Burghiu
Trandafir Burghiu
Tudorache Burghiu
Roane Burghiu
Petre Burghiu
Tudor Burghiu
Gherghina Burghiu
Gheorghe Neculai Burghiu
Dumitra Burghiu
Zenovia Burghiu
Elisabeta Burghiu
Florea Burghiu
Alexandru Burghiu
Mures Burghiu
Constanta Burghiu
Elena Georgeta Burghiu
Anutoiu Sanda Burghiu
Ana Burghiu
Maria Burghiu
Neculai Burghiu
Olimpia Burghiu
Apostu Burghiu
Ioan Burghiu
Panaite Burghiu
Costache Burghiu
Ionel Burghiu
Constantina Burghiu
Marioara Burghiu
Steluta Burghiu
Iustina Burghiu
Vasile Burghiu
Ion Burghiu
Gheorghe Burghiu
Florin Burghiu
Eugenia Burghiu
Mariana Burghiu
Viorel Burghiu
Misica Burghiu
Victor Burghiu
Pantilimon Burghiu
Ioana Burghiu
Dorel Burghiu
Mihai Burghiu
Sorin Burghiu
Elena Burghiu
Nicolae Burghiu
Ovidiu Burghiu
Dumitru Burghiu