Bunica - details and analysis   

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The word Bunica has a web popularity of 3130000 pages.


What means Bunica?

The meaning of Bunica is: 'bunica' grandmother

What is the origin of name Bunica? Probably Romania or Moldova.

Bunica spelled backwards is Acinub
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Buanci Nabuci Unibca Nicabu Aubicn Ucnabi Icnabu Anicbu Ubanic Ibnauc Ainbuc Uinabc Buacin
Misspells: Bunics Bunyca Bunicaa Bnuica Buniac Buncia

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Bunica Bunica Bunica Bunica Bunica

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Petrescu Marcel Bunica
Dumitru Bunica
Marinela Bunica
David Dan Bunica
Gheorghe Bunica
Floarea Bunica
Emanoil Bunica
Marius Bunica
Iuliana Bunica
Ioan Bunica
Felicia Bunica
Niculina Bunica
Nicolae Bunica
Tatiana Margareta Bunica
Maria Mihaela Bunica
Petrescu Daiana Bunica
Constantin Bunica
Aurica Bunica
Elsa Bunica
Stefana Bunica
Valentin Bunica
Pantelimon Eugen Bunica
Adrian Mihai Bunica
Mihai Bunica
Maria Valeria Bunica
Alin Augustin Bunica
Ion Bunica
Paraschiva Bunica
Viorel Bunica
Mirela Bunica
Tinca Bunica
Angela Viorica Bunica
Silvica Bunica
Teodor Bunica
Petru Bunica
Elena Bunica
David Bunica
Iliean Bunica
Mioara Bunica
Crisan Dan Bunica
Maria Bunica
Floare Bunica
Octavian Bunica
Lucian Bunica
Tudor Bunica
Anghel Bunica
Mihail Bunica