Balaita - details and analysis   

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The word Balaita has a web popularity of 134000 pages.


What means Balaita?
The meaning of Balaita is unknown.

What is the origin of name Balaita? Probably Romania or Italy.

Balaita spelled backwards is Atialab
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Abalati Alatiab Laitaab Taabail Abitaal Taalbai Iatabla Tilaaba Ailabat
Misspells: Bslaita Ballaita Balaitta Balayta Balaitaa Blaaita Balaiat Balatia

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Balaita Balaita Balaita Balaita Balaita

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Aurelian Balaita
Florin Balaita
Iorgu Balaita
Dorita Balaita
Daniela Veronica Balaita
Valentin Balaita
Daniel Balaita
Ioan Balaita
Ion Balaita
Dumitru Balaita
Gica Balaita
Misu Balaita
Eugen Balaita
Nicolae Balaita
Augustina Balaita
Velenia Balaita
Doina Balaita
Victor Balaita
Mircea Balaita
Valeria Balaita
Gabriel Balaita
Gonza Balaita
Scarlat Balaita
Zenovia Balaita
Dragos Balaita
Corneliu Balaita
Maricel Adrian Balaita
Maria Balaita
Elena Balaita
Lizica Balaita
Lucretia Balaita
Sofia Balaita
Ana Balaita
Mariana Balaita
Ecaterina Balaita
Gelu Balaita
Georgeta Balaita
Petrea Balaita
Toma Balaita
Ionut Claudiu Balaita
Cornel Balaita
Stelian Balaita
Janica Stefan Balaita
Alexandru Balaita
Gheorghe Balaita
Grigore Balaita
Margareta Balaita
Gavril Balaita
Rodica Balaita
Petru Balaita
Neculai Balaita
Constantin Balaita
Claudia Balaita
Aurel Balaita
Lazar Balaita
Didina Balaita
Stela Balaita
Ciprian Laurentiu Balaita
Gabriela Balaita
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Lacramioara Balaita
Vilcu Balaita
Maria Ruxandra Balaita
Lucia Balaita
Elvira Balaita
Matei Gheorghe Balaita
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Emanoil Balaita
Danut Marcel Balaita