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The word Zoltan has a web popularity of 14200000 pages.


What means Zoltan?

The meaning of Zoltan is: Sultan

Web synthesis about this name:

...Zoltan is accepted in a foresthome but makes enemies already.
Zoltan is a born pommel horse worker he and his coach.
Zoltan is my first choice as a bass sub at the players school of music.
Zoltan is the only designer in the history of the ja show to win both new design talent and new designer of the year.
Zoltan is interested in the distinction between implicit and explicit knowledge.
Zoltan is designed to be both flexible and extensible.
Zoltan is hungarian by birth and served as a fighter pilot but had to flee after resisting the soviet invasion.
Zoltan is an extrememly powerful writer with an imagination that is out of this world.
Zoltan is incredibly reliable because it only uses one moving part.
Zoltan is just sufficient under both these perspectives.

What is the origin of name Zoltan? Probably Romania or Hungary.

Zoltan spelled backwards is Natloz
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Zonlat Nlazto Otnazl Ltanzo Noztal Nzalot Tnoalz Atnozl Zonatl
Misspells: Zoltsn Zolltan Zolttan Zoltana Zlotan Zoltna Zolatn

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Zoltan Zoltan Zoltan Zoltan Zoltan

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Zoltan Erdely
Zoltan Janossy
Zoltan Ratz
Zoltan Gheza Szarka
Zoltan Benedekfi
Zoltan Tanaszi
Zoltan Czebely
Zoltan Nicolae Boer
Zoltan Kolto
Zoltan Revesz
Zoltan Huszti
Zoltan Kirilla
Zoltan Szabolcs Cerny
Zoltan Sirbut
Zoltan Kinczler
Zoltan Iacab
Zoltan Bartok
Zoltan Adalbert Keresztes
Zoltan Ioan Pohl
Zoltan Csillag
Zoltan Hecser
Zoltan Laszlo Ferenczi
Zoltan Csete
Zoltan Garay
Zoltan Alafi
Zoltan Finyak
Zoltan Gazdag
Zoltan Medgyesi
Zoltan Manases
Zoltan Katai
Zoltan Kapusi
Zoltan Geller Schreiner
Zoltan Nicolae Bikfalvi
Zoltan Vajda
Zoltan Alexandru Sajti
Zoltan Bojthe
Zoltan Gyulai
Zoltan Becze
Zoltan Incze
Zoltan Banga
Zoltan Carol Hegyi
Zoltan Alexandru Katona
Zoltan Botar
Zoltan Hudak
Zoltan Kirsch
Zoltan Andras Rozsa