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The word Vasile has a web popularity of 28600000 pages.


What means Vasile?

The meaning of Vasile is: King

vasile says: origin is greek - basileus - meaning king

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...Vasile is the official hairstylist for entertainment magazine.
Vasile is a romanian violin maker who produces violins of high caliber.
Vasile is grappling with a situation that is spiralling out of control.
Vasile is regarded as a victim of a government that is increasingly inconsistent and unstable.
Vasile is known to our readers as a former editor of solia.
Vasile is available for interviews and welcomes inquiries from the media.
Vasile is grappling with a situation that is spiraling out of control.
Vasile is a wonderful father and does all he can to look after his family.
Vasile is the manager of the ritz manor apartments in quincy.
Vasile is unable to fulfil his duties as the majority of his cabinet members have resigned which makes the.

What is the origin of name Vasile? Probably Romania or Moldova.

Vasile spelled backwards is Elisav
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Vaesli Sevali Asivle Sileva Eavils Alsevi Ilseva Esilva Avesil Ivseal Eisval Aisevl Vaelis
Misspells: Vssile Vasille Vasyle Wasile Vaile Vasilea Vsaile Vasiel Vaslie

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Vasile Titel Samoila
Vasile Sasarman
Vasile Opinca
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Vasile Drumea
Vasile Morozan
Vasile Stir
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