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The word Suzana has a web popularity of 6140000 pages.


What means Suzana?

The meaning of Suzana is: Lily

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...Suzana is also involved in the youth band and the student leadership team at her church.
Suzana is going to research the committee to find out what benefits they could provide for us.
Suzana is the first person in indonesia to systematically provide support and information to those living with hiv.
Suzana is an educator that changed the problems of landless communities and farmers in the state park morro do diabo area.
Suzana is interested in comparative studies involving emerging economies such as those of latin america and china.
Suzana is on indefinite leave from a chair at the school of administration in the federal university of minas gerais.
Suzana is the daughter of ezequiel santos of newington and the late alica santos.
Suzana is team leader for campus wide information systems.
Suzana is bringing her talents in design to assisting the women in.
Suzana is one of the directors of the brazilian center for conservation biology.

What is the origin of name Suzana? Probably Brazil or Romania.

Suzana spelled backwards is Anazus
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Suazna Zasuna Uzasna Zanasu Ausanz Unzasa Anzasu Azansu Usazan Aszaun Aazsun Uazasn Suanaz
Misspells: Suzsna Uzana Suzanaa Szuana Suzaan Suznaa

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