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The word Paulina has a web popularity of 19900000 pages.


What means Paulina?

The meaning of Paulina is: Small

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...Paulina is one of the most popular and famous latin music singers in the world.
Paulina is convinced the doctor is not the good samaritan he seems to be.
Paulina is ostracized by her village and eventually traded to the older man for land rights.
Paulina is drawing water from a well to bathe when she slips blindly.
Paulina is a well known and respected concert pianist of russia.
Paulina is married to ric ocasek of the cars and has a son.
Paulina is struggling to raise the children of her children.
Paulina is 19 jaar en gaat kunstgeschiedenis studeren.
Paulina is twenty five years of age and has already built up an impressive education.
Paulina is the most pleasant young lady that epitomizes the warmth of the chilean culture.

What is the origin of name Paulina? Probably Chile or Romania.

Paulina spelled backwards is Aniluap
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Apaulni Uilaapn Ailuanp Ulinaap Naapliu Apinlau Unpilaa Liunpaa Aalinpu Uapailn Anpuali Uipalan Ilnapua Inlaapu
Misspells: Psulina Paullina Paulyna Paulinaa Pualina Paulian Paulnia

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