Nicolae - details and analysis   

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The word Nicolae has a web popularity of 43400000 pages.


What means Nicolae?

The meaning of Nicolae is: Victory of the people

Web synthesis about this name:

...Nicolae is the third book in left behind series written by tim lahaye and jerry jenkins.
Nicolae is now the driving force behind the third world war.
Nicolae is a character picture i did for a friend of mine.
Nicolae is aware of the relationship between buck and rayford.
Nicolae is campaigning for buck to take over a major media outlet.
Nicolae is eveneens afkomstig uit een beroemde muzikale familie.
Nicolae is being controlled by stonagal and cothran.
Nicolae is available for questions about the third assignment at the above email adress.
Nicolae is not the only person to have resorted to such extreme measures.
Nicolae is a stabilizing force in a field wracked by hurricanes.

What is the origin of name Nicolae? Probably Romania or Moldova.

Nicolae spelled backwards is Ealocin
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Inecoal Ilocean Icealon Olcanei Ceniloa Eanciol Icloena Oniceal Alceoni Elcinoa
Misspells: Nicolse Nicollae Nycolae Nicolaea Nciolae Nicolea Nicoale

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Nicolae Belgiu
Nicolae Monda
Nicolae Toro
Nicolae Gheorghe Stanca
Nicolae Cosman
Nicolae Cotutiu
Nicolae Rodina
Nicolae Belivaca
Nicolae Florian Tulus
Nicolae Naiche
Nicolae Teban
Nicolae Bold
Nicolae Dan Gelep
Nicolae Catalin Tenea
Nicolae Firca
Nicolae Kallos
Nicolae Campean
Nicolae Mavrodin
Nicolae Nestea
Nicolae Ciotoi
Nicolae Balta
Nicolae Petrascu
Nicolae Adrian Georgescu
Nicolae Pandrea
Nicolae Ghiurca
Nicolae Purecel
Nicolae Ghirisan
Nicolae Boleantu
Nicolae Vajaiac
Nicolae Borcea
Nicolae Ciurel
Nicolae Frentiu
Nicolae Anastasiu
Nicolae Matau
Nicolae Incau
Nicolae Melita
Nicolae Soarec
Nicolae Tremurici
Nicolae Cotrut
Nicolae Augustin Codrean
Nicolae Jeliu Egry
Nicolae Milostean
Nicolae Teleanu
Nicolae Gheorghe Cucu
Nicolae Nelu Ciur
Nicolae Ilisanu
Nicolae Vancza
Nicolae Calmac
Nicolae Pandelescu