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The word Marius has a web popularity of 74000000 pages.


What means Marius?

The meaning of Marius is: Sailor

Marius Gerber says: Marius is a very used name in South Africa

Web synthesis about this name:

...Marius is concealed by the poor man under some rushes.
Marius is a self proclaimed practitioner of the dark arts but as of this time has yet to use those dark arts in anything other than benign research.
Marius is a streetwise kid who introduces thomas to smoking and is better than him at just about everything but music.
Marius is to grow flavour and produce powerful wines.
Marius is an energetic and spirit filled youth leader who keeps god first and foremost in his life.
Marius is an easy to use and very portable bit error rate.
Marius is no longer the new guy on the block here at m.
Marius is bitterly angry and disillusioned by what happened to him.
Marius is one of those rare business people with a genuine love and regard for fellow human beings.
Marius is the first film in a trilogy about a little community in marseilles.

What is the origin of name Marius? Probably Romania or France.

Marius spelled backwards is Suiram
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Masrui Srumia Aisumr Arimus Riusma Samiur Smurai Sriuma Isaurm Sirmau Uisamr Masuir
Misspells: Msrius Matius Maryus Malius Maius Mariu Mariusa Mraius Marisu Maruis

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Marius Liviu Zahiu
Marius Baican
Marius Dumitru Danescu
Marius Gheorghe
Marius Tudosescu
Marius Sofron
Marius Zorila
Marius Vasile Haba
Marius Andreescu
Marius Jimborean
Marius Naicu
Marius Florinel Borz
Marius Lucian Andrian
Marius Capra
Marius Constantin Uza
Marius Chelariu
Marius Leonard Bitu
Marius Sarpe
Marius Lucian Bisoc
Marius Calugar
Marius Emeric Lucaciu
Marius Adrian Cherciu
Marius Robert Tutuianu
Marius Cristian Sabo
Marius Daniel Dorobat
Marius Ionut Pirvuletu
Marius Adrian Gaman
Marius Catalin Carabas
Marius Raul Anton
Marius Ionut Catana
Marius Coteanu
Marius Sergiu Mitea
Marius Cristian Borcila
Marius Georgel Ielciu
Marius Borota
Marius Malancu
Marius Crihan
Marius Carnaru