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The word Margareta has a web popularity of 17900000 pages.


What means Margareta?

The meaning of Margareta is: Pearl

Web synthesis about this name:

...Margareta is committed to making sure that technology intelligence plays a very real part in managing information and making it accessible and useful to all.
Margareta is the gown that was reputedly worn by the 10 year old future queen of the kalmar union at her wedding in 1363.
Margareta is torn between her passion for faust and her knowledge that he is non.
Margareta is located in a secluded and tranquil spot.
Margareta is given the right to choose the next king.
Margareta is a little too anxious to spread the butter.
Margareta is a 1999 graduate from wickes high school.
Margareta is one of the most remarkable women in scandinavian history.
Margareta is a restless physicist working on her dissertation who tries to fill the emptiness in her life with a string of men.
Margareta is played by an unsightly but acrobatic lilliputian.

What is the origin of name Margareta? Probably Romania or Sweden.

Margareta spelled backwards is Ateragram
This name has 9 letters: 4 vowels (44.44%) and 5 consonants (55.56%).

Anagrams: Aramagter Argaemrat Garamreat
Misspells: Msrgareta Matgareta Margaretta Malgareta Magareta Margaretaa Mragareta Margareat Margartea

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Margareta Amocanitei
Margareta Mateiciuc
Margareta Hotea
Margareta Savinescu
Margareta Csibi
Margareta Tulei
Margareta Butulescu
Margareta Maria Mihut
Margareta Nemeti
Margareta Fleisz
Margareta Kaucsar
Margareta Kind
Margareta Fekete
Margareta Duduman
Margareta Gordas
Margareta Postelnicu
Margareta Almasi
Margareta Elena Grasu
Margareta Hodut
Margareta Stefoni
Margareta Szikszai
Margareta Amza
Margareta Bounegru
Margareta Chirileanu
Margareta Tuduciuc
Margareta Kallay
Margareta Gebel
Margareta Csampar
Margareta Lili Grozoni