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The word Ileana has a web popularity of 21500000 pages.


What means Ileana?

The meaning of Ileana is: Unknown

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...Ileana is currently serving as national counsel for a products distributor involved in multi.
Ileana is a strong supporter of this legislation which will help to ease the hospital workforce shortage of.
Ileana is a cosponsor of and voted for the death tax elimination act to eliminate the onerous federal tax on inheritances and family owned businesses.
Ileana is a name to reckon with in indian dance both odissi and chhau.
Ileana is a songwriter and performer of undeniable strength.
Ileana is an associate professor of romanian in the department of languages and literature in the college of liberal arts and sciences.
Ileana is also responsible for the ballet program at aero.
Ileana is well aware of the importance that our schools have in shaping the lives of the next generation.
Ileana is beloved by her constituents because she connects with them.
Ileana is bilingual and uses her knowledge of the multicultural community to assist prospective students as they plan to further their.

What is the origin of name Ileana? Probably Romania or Italy.

Ileana spelled backwards is Anaeli
This name has 6 letters: 4 vowels (66.67%) and 2 consonants (33.33%).

Anagrams: Ilaena Aenial Laanie Eanail Aliane Ainela Aalnei Naalie Ilanae
Misspells: Ilesna Illeana Yleana Ileanaa Ielana Ileaan Ilenaa

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Ileana Marincescu
Ileana Bologa
Ileana Salyi
Ileana Breoi
Ileana Carmen Tabacaru
Ileana Itoafa
Ileana Mateas
Ileana Lorinc
Ileana Ifrim
Ileana Campeanu
Ileana Pestritu
Ileana Rebegea
Ileana Terza
Ileana Sprinceana
Ileana Tilea
Ileana Sanda Cheneris
Ileana Trifescu
Ileana Dragulin
Ileana Copoeru
Ileana Baltariu
Ileana Mighiu
Ileana Mergea
Ileana Fozocos
Ileana Adela Mora
Ileana Beloiu
Ileana Olga Katona
Ileana Culea
Ileana Lapadus
Ileana Rogoveanu
Ileana Sebesi
Ileana Mistreanu
Ileana Padurariu
Ileana Hulubei
Ileana Biri
Ileana Pavelescu
Ileana Giogu
Ileana Budau
Ileana Vernes
Ileana Keresztes
Ileana Petrean
Ileana Vamvu
Ileana Furnea
Ileana Grad