Dumitru - details and analysis   

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The word Dumitru has a web popularity of 16900000 pages.


What means Dumitru?

The meaning of Dumitru is: Of demeter

Web synthesis about this name:

...Dumitru is primarily focused on the broad field of clinical neurophysiology.
Dumitru is one of the most highly qualified coaches in africa and as such.
Dumitru is back with us and we are delighted to have him back.
Dumitru is member of the belgian society of biochemistry.
Dumitru is playing his cards close to his chest regarding amougou.
Dumitru is simply hedging his options as sundowns become involved in a fierce.
Dumitru is expecting goalkeeper john tlale to exceed expectations this afternoon.
Dumitru is a lecturer at the faculty of physical education and sport at ovidius university in constanta and can be contacted at 40.
Dumitru is a german national living in romania who speaks german.
Dumitru is the internationally recognized guru of emg.

What is the origin of name Dumitru? Probably Romania or Moldova.

Dumitru spelled backwards is Urtimud
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Udumirt Utimurd Umurtid Mitruud Ruuditm Ruumdit Mudutir Tirudmu Umtiudr Idumurt Utmudir
Misspells: Dumittu Dumittru Dumytru Dumitlu Dumitu Dumitrua Dmuitru Dumitur Dumirtu

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Dumitru Cotca
Dumitru Caldarar
Dumitru Mierea
Dumitru Malin
Dumitru Dudan
Dumitru Basu
Dumitru Lucian Minca
Dumitru Fidel
Dumitru Gavris
Dumitru Fifere
Dumitru Adochitei
Dumitru Stancescu
Dumitru Marian Cernea
Dumitru Oncea
Dumitru Codru
Dumitru Civitu
Dumitru Palade
Dumitru Morgos
Dumitru Cucuta
Dumitru Avrigeanu
Dumitru Fratica
Dumitru Cristinel Schiba
Dumitru Adomnicai
Dumitru Abacioaie
Dumitru Goia
Dumitru Barbos
Dumitru Batutu
Dumitru Globasu
Dumitru Parvulescu
Dumitru Ganu
Dumitru Ionascu
Dumitru Biciin
Dumitru Gartu
Dumitru Daniel Peptan
Dumitru Aelenei
Dumitru Spasenie
Dumitru Macrea
Dumitru Nicolae Pelinar
Dumitru Stama
Dumitru Chelcea
Dumitru Maravela
Dumitru Caratas
Dumitru Dragon
Dumitru Cocheci
Dumitru Agescu
Dumitru Andrian
Dumitru Lupau
Dumitru Iaru
Dumitru Carstoiu
Dumitru Tatarusanu
Dumitru Ofilat
Dumitru Stoinea
Dumitru Dancau
Dumitru Manoleasa
Dumitru Cont
Dumitru Berea
Dumitru Mircea Morariu
Dumitru Golcea
Dumitru Caldaruse
Dumitru Lozinca
Dumitru Adrian Eremia
Dumitru Nicolescu
Dumitru Borda
Dumitru Constantin Zegrea
Dumitru Traian Ispas
Dumitru Siminea
Dumitru Dan Ilea
Dumitru Jurcut
Dumitru Robeanu
Dumitru Paltineanu
Dumitru Bajurea
Dumitru Taman
Dumitru Neag
Dumitru Donea
Dumitru Codre
Dumitru Gajaila
Dumitru Iurascu
Dumitru Daniel Cociubei
Dumitru Curean
Dumitru Blasciuc
Dumitru Cezar Batca
Dumitru Chetrariu
Dumitru Babes
Dumitru Cumpanasoiu
Dumitru Rumbecu
Dumitru Pantos
Dumitru Mucioniu
Dumitru Cioban
Dumitru Gologan
Dumitru Caleala
Dumitru Vladimirescu
Dumitru Dodi
Dumitru Strut
Dumitru Niculita
Dumitru Berzunt
Dumitru Dangeanu
Dumitru Maican
Dumitru Boberschi
Dumitru Cirstoiu
Dumitru Dutchevici
Dumitru Flaviu Ene
Dumitru Bogoevici
Dumitru Cimpu
Dumitru Butiulca
Dumitru Lificiu
Dumitru Boru
Dumitru Nunu Bobia
Dumitru Bretean
Dumitru Caprariu
Dumitru Subtirelu
Dumitru Balaita
Dumitru Hopartean
Dumitru Divricean
Dumitru Gheorghe Todosie
Dumitru Ganescu
Dumitru Turenschi
Dumitru Batrinu
Dumitru Dadirlat
Dumitru Piroi
Dumitru Sabadis
Dumitru Rapa
Dumitru Nohai
Dumitru Bece
Dumitru Iftimi
Dumitru Banculea
Dumitru Breana
Dumitru Zavoian
Dumitru Bulgarea
Dumitru Daniel Orasteanu
Dumitru Lascovici
Dumitru Donciulescu
Dumitru Siscu
Dumitru Dontu
Dumitru Gheorghica
Dumitru Domos
Dumitru Hartan
Dumitru Tudose
Dumitru Cocor
Dumitru Sift
Dumitru Oanea
Dumitru Trasnitu
Dumitru Gligan
Dumitru Tivig
Dumitru Gheorghe Maricari
Dumitru Bledea
Dumitru Goian
Dumitru Fizesan
Dumitru Bucurescu
Dumitru Panaet
Dumitru Cristian Mursa
Dumitru Marius Cojocariu
Dumitru Tanasa
Dumitru Pulpa
Dumitru Ciotirla
Dumitru Mardari
Dumitru Suru
Dumitru Negreanu
Dumitru Marcel Sarbu
Dumitru Leah
Dumitru Ghiocel
Dumitru Sbera