Corneliu - details and analysis   

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The word Corneliu has a web popularity of 5130000 pages.


What means Corneliu?

The meaning of Corneliu is: Horn; horned

iulian si vica says: ce mai faci bai droc?azi avem o aniversare...habar nu ai

What is the origin of name Corneliu? Probably Romania or Moldova.

Corneliu spelled backwards is Uilenroc
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Elnirouc Lucnerio Iceunorl Nicluero Ceniluro Ernoiluc Lonicreu Oecruiln Eiculonr
Misspells: Cotneliu Cornelliu Cornelyu Colneliu Coneliu Corneliua Croneliu Cornelui Corneilu

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Corneliu Radu Secan
Corneliu Prunache
Corneliu Hotaran
Corneliu Vasile Jurca
Corneliu Culuri
Corneliu Zlavog
Corneliu Condriuc
Corneliu Bajanica
Corneliu Anton Mighiu
Corneliu Postolache
Corneliu Posirca
Corneliu Fornade
Corneliu Mihai
Corneliu Legian
Corneliu Lucea
Corneliu Ghila
Corneliu Furtos
Corneliu Harabagiu
Corneliu Traian Nemes
Corneliu Bran
Corneliu Daniel Tarba
Corneliu Rucareanu
Corneliu Moca
Corneliu Adrian Poenaru
Corneliu Panfilie
Corneliu Solovastru
Corneliu Nani
Corneliu Bodrogan
Corneliu Faur
Corneliu Ciarnau
Corneliu Strambu
Corneliu Pasol
Corneliu Brinda
Corneliu Paulescu
Corneliu Jitaru
Corneliu Lucian Cioroianu
Corneliu Chert
Corneliu George Eremia
Corneliu Draghici
Corneliu Baltei
Corneliu Steica
Corneliu Petru Vasiu
Corneliu Bercan
Corneliu Tiberiu Turcu
Corneliu Cotutiu
Corneliu Raica
Corneliu Bustan
Corneliu Gadoiu
Corneliu Sferle