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The word Alexandrina has a web popularity of 5270000 pages.


What means Alexandrina?

The meaning of Alexandrina is: Defender Of Mankind

Alexandrina Teisanu says: I'm happy and I thank to my parents for giving me such a Beautiful Name Alexandrina

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...Alexandrina is open to researchers not only from the mediterranean countries.
Alexandrina is a corporate body directly affiliated to the president of the republic.
Alexandrina is the one of most important egyptian cultural accomplishment of modern times.
Alexandrina is home to the lower lakes of the river murray.
Alexandrina is about 90 km southeast of adelaide and is one of the important features of the lower river murray.
Alexandrina is not merely a project of constructing a mega modern library but rather a reincarnation of its old counterpart.
Alexandrina is in itself an event of historic magnitude.
Alexandrina is a simple circle representing the egyptian sun.
Alexandrina is planning to found an institute of calligraphy.
Alexandrina is a part of the international civilization.

What is the origin of name Alexandrina? Probably Romania or Russia.

Alexandrina spelled backwards is Anirdnaxela
This name has 11 letters: 5 vowels (45.45%) and 6 consonants (54.55%).

Anagrams: Lanraxained Xaenirladna Xaldenranai Naxrainlead
Misspells: Slexandrina Alexandtina Allexandrina Alexandryna Alexandlina Alexandina Alexandrinaa Aelxandrina Alexandrian Alexandrnia

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Alexandrina Capatina
Alexandrina Tudorascu
Alexandrina Petac
Alexandrina Ioana Cadar
Alexandrina Ursoiu
Alexandrina Batrinetu
Alexandrina Voican
Alexandrina Lucia Filimon
Alexandrina Saplacan
Alexandrina Hudici
Alexandrina Stuparu
Alexandrina Polizu
Alexandrina Bota
Alexandrina Melinescu
Alexandrina Patranoiu
Alexandrina Soltuzu
Alexandrina Zamfirescu
Alexandrina Pintoiu
Alexandrina Ercus
Alexandrina Pricop
Alexandrina Calinoiu
Alexandrina Ursaciuc
Alexandrina Ionescu
Alexandrina Dina
Alexandrina Bulcea