Oliveira - details and analysis   

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The word Oliveira has a web popularity of 214000000 pages.


What means Oliveira?
The meaning of Oliveira is unknown.

Nythamar De Oliveira says: Oliveira = Olive tree, in Portuguese (Jewish Sephardic family name)

Web synthesis about this name:

...Oliveira is interested in the human figure not out of context but as its own context.
Oliveira is a member of the american academy of arts and letters.
Oliveira is looking to win back the nabf junior welterweight title.
Oliveira is committed to the entire spectrum of the violin world.
Oliveira is one of the few major artists committed to the entire spectrum of the.
Oliveira is internationally known as a painter and master printmaker.
Oliveira is included among great auteurs by european film specialists and audiences.
Oliveira is technically up to the demands of everything he plays.
Oliveira is as renowned for his championing of contemporary scores as for his mastery of the classics.
Oliveira is one of the leading figures of his generation as a painter.

What is the origin of name Oliveira? Probably Brazil or Portugal.

Oliveira spelled backwards is Arievilo
This name has 8 letters: 5 vowels (62.50%) and 3 consonants (37.50%).

Anagrams: Iloivare Eivrilao Oivrelia
Misspells: Oliveirs Oliveita Olliveira Olyveira Oliweira Oliveila Oliveia Oliveiraa Oilveira Oliveiar Oliveria

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Oliveira Oliveira Oliveira Oliveira Oliveira
Oliveira Oliveira Oliveira Oliveira Oliveira

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