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The word Almeida has a web popularity of 118000000 pages.


What means Almeida?

The meaning of Almeida is: Low hill; plateau

Lylie says: Well good to know that we are many.

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...Almeida is a black belt under legendary gracie family member renzo gracie.
Almeida is the recipient of the tjfr scholarship at new york university.
Almeida is a journalist and a doctoral candidate in political science.
Almeida is a town that belongs to the district of guarda.
Almeida is the vice president of sigma pi fraternity and works at the recreation and fitness center in administration.
Almeida is entitled to use information provided by you in accordance with its privacy statement.
Almeida is backed by an impressive group of independent investors.
Almeida is blessed by having the sensitive direction of artists and repertoire supervisor bob myers.
Almeida is a family therapist and columbia graduate.
Almeida is an attractive fortified border town within 18th century walls which to go around is a walk of about 4 kilometers.

What is the origin of name Almeida? Probably Portugal or Brazil.

Almeida spelled backwards is Adiemla
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Laamedi Mielaad Liemada Meidala Eimdaal Aleidam Maalied Adamlei Iedaaml Ealmadi Aimlaed Idelaam
Misspells: Slmeida Allmeida Almeyda Almeidaa Amleida Almeiad Almedia

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Almeida Tânia Fonseca
Almeida Fernando Valente
Almeida Célia Neves
Almeida José Carvalho
Almeida Carlos Simões
Almeida Fernando Guedes
Almeida Aniceta
Almeida Nadia Amarante
Almeida Carlos Vale
Almeida Francisco Encarnação
Almeida Marcelina Pereira
Almeida M Condessa
Almeida Ana Borges
Almeida Nuno Campos
Almeida Cristina Gonçalves
Almeida António Alves
Almeida Aristides Gonçalves
Almeida Óscar
Almeida Durval
Almeida Ernesto
Almeida Camila
Almeida Joaquina Mendes
Almeida Luís Neves
Almeida Bruno Loureiro
Almeida António Santos
Almeida Severiano Pacheco
Almeida Clementina
Almeida Carlos Coelho
Almeida Maria Mateus
Almeida Pedro Monteiro
Almeida Carlos Figueiredo
Almeida Edgar Henriques
Almeida Benilde
Almeida Regina Morgado
Almeida Artur Costa
Almeida Rigoberto
Almeida Vítor Portela
Almeida Leonor
Almeida Joaquina Bagorro
Almeida Gaspar
Almeida Franklim
Almeida Susana Aguiar
Almeida Artur Cruz
Almeida Luís Anjos
Almeida António Vale
Almeida Vítor Clemente
Almeida Marcos Liotti
Almeida Fradique
Almeida Maria Sales
Almeida Zulmira Sousa
Almeida Paulo Costa
Almeida Hilário Barbosa
Almeida Manuel Capitão
Almeida Maria Pita
Almeida Anabela Pio
Almeida José Maria
Almeida Alcides Brinca
Almeida Ana Nascimento
Almeida Augusta Santos
Almeida João Mendonça
Almeida Alcina
Almeida Rosa Soares
Almeida Maria Teixeira
Almeida Augusta Lucas
Almeida Agostinho Antunes
Almeida Andradina Gamboa
Almeida André Ramos
Almeida Maria Alcobia
Almeida Abel Ramos
Almeida Isabel Dinis
Almeida Aucíndio
Almeida Olga Marques
Almeida Mickael
Almeida Edeme
Almeida Duarte Correia
Almeida Albertino
Almeida Diana Carreta
Almeida Duarte
Almeida Henrique Pedro
Almeida Felipe Pires
Almeida Leonel Gomes
Almeida Rosa Sousa
Almeida Armindo Soares
Almeida Nuno Moreira
Almeida Luís Carvalho
Almeida Ernesto Cardoso
Almeida Luís Neto
Almeida Adoindo
Almeida Eduardo
Almeida Maria Recto
Almeida José Souto
Almeida Marzena Kutkowska
Almeida Maria Girão
Almeida Sucessores
Almeida João Soares
Almeida Pedro Faustino
Almeida Sérgio Gonçalves
Almeida Valdemar
Almeida Amílcar Vieira
Almeida Mário Francisco
Almeida Vítor Moniz
Almeida Júlia Carvalho
Almeida Camilo Rodrigues
Almeida Jorge Gonçalves
Almeida Manuel Freitas
Almeida José Seixas
Almeida José Azevedo
Almeida Ana Machado
Almeida Raúl Baptista
Almeida Paulo Marcelino
Almeida Bruno Delgado
Almeida Ricardo Domingues
Almeida Fábio Oliveira
Almeida Zélia
Almeida Denise Dias
Almeida José Paiva
Almeida Feliciano Martins
Almeida Maria Godinho
Almeida Luís Tomásio
Almeida Mário Carvalho
Almeida João
Almeida Maria Metelo
Almeida Hugo Ferreira
Almeida Horácio Magalhães
Almeida Alcino
Almeida Nuno Pinheiro
Almeida Elisabete Vargas
Almeida Emília Amaral
Almeida Arcília
Almeida Joaquim Valente
Almeida Noémia Pires
Almeida Albino Gomes
Almeida Élio
Almeida Vítor Mendes
Almeida Alice Gama
Almeida Joaquim Correia
Almeida Vasco Pereira
Almeida Joaquim Roxo