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The word Myrna has a web popularity of 14100000 pages.


What means Myrna?

The meaning of Myrna is: Beloved

Web synthesis about this name:

...Myrna is also the lead female vocalist on the popular jewish family productions series for children.
Myrna is working part time as a waitress and has aspirations of marriage.
Myrna is rekindling her entrepreneurial dream and rebuilding the company she and so many others loved.
Myrna is the proud and loving parent of children and grandchildren.
Myrna is one of ten spectacular villas designed by the internationally.
Myrna is now a grandmother and says she has many more books in her head.
Myrna is filling the role left vacant when nina became president.
Myrna is an active member of the gubatnons of california.
Myrna is a leading realtor in highlands and vice president of nantahala realty co.
Myrna is an independent sales consultant for the longaberger company.

What is the origin of name Myrna? Probably Philippines or Mexico.

Myrna spelled backwards is Anrym
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Myanr Ranym Ryanm Nraym Mrany Arymn Naymr Nyarm Yranm Narym Manry
Misspells: Myrns Mytna Mirna Mylna Myna Myrnaa Mryna Myran Mynra

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Myrna Myrna Myrna Myrna Myrna

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Mamaril A Myrna
Vita C Myrna
Diaz M Myrna
Lising C Myrna
Buban B Myrna
Soriano R Myrna
Aquino B Myrna
Mata P Myrna
Almira D Myrna
Santos R Myrna
Lepardo L Myrna
Magbuhat L Myrna
Ang A Myrna
Salazar S Myrna
Sucgang B Myrna
Ancheta M Myrna
Rivera B Myrna
Torres A Myrna
Basco F Myrna
Ramos G Myrna
Alfaro S Myrna
Fabre D Myrna
Salvador J Myrna
Samson B Myrna
Horca D Myrna
Roldan Myrna
Ilagan R Myrna
Pineda A Myrna
Agbulos S Myrna
Mendoza G Myrna
Lazaro M Myrna
Domingo S Myrna
Paredes G Myrna
Ramos P Myrna
Real P Myrna
Javier T Myrna
Macaspac P Myrna
Gonzales N Myrna
Sia M Myrna
Briones L Myrna
Marasigan N Myrna
Lirio D Myrna
Delgado C Myrna
Mendoza T Myrna
Cangco S Myrna
Rosas S Myrna
Gabrillo G Myrna
Raymundo C Myrna
Marcelo Myrna
Hilario M Myrna
Eugenio A Myrna
Franco Myrna
Novio C Myrna
Navarro Myrna
Almeda A Myrna
Alvero J Myrna