Lolita - details and analysis   

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The word Lolita has a web popularity of 136000000 pages.


What means Lolita?

The meaning of Lolita is: Feminine Form Of Carlos Manly

Nallely says: Lolita is the diminutive of "Dolores".

What is the origin of name Lolita? Probably Russia or Philippines.

Lolita spelled backwards is Atilol
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Loalti Laloti Olilta Litalo Aolitl Otlali Itlalo Alitlo Olalit Illaot Aillot Oilalt Loatil
Misspells: Lolits Llolita Lolitta Lolyta Lolitaa Lloita Loliat Loltia

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Angeles E Lolita
Reyes Lolita
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Veloso V Lolita
Aquino S Lolita
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Laxa A Lolita
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Perez P Lolita
Abad H Lolita
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Medina A Lolita
Manlangit S Lolita
Lucas A Lolita
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Austria Lolita
Mendoza S Lolita
Morales T Lolita
Cortes M Lolita
Javier Lolita
Tan N Lolita
Quiambao L Lolita
Luz H Lolita
Ramos L Lolita
Magbitang S Lolita
Padilla S Lolita
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Hilario R Lolita
Paulme Lolita
Gallardo M Lolita
Mercado N Lolita
Paulo L Lolita
Miguel D Lolita
Genuino Lolita
Gutierrez M Lolita
Garcia O Lolita
Lara C Lolita
Galang M Lolita
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Mallari A Lolita
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David C Lolita
Espiritu I Lolita
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Villareal V Lolita
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Camila P Lolita
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David Lolita
Paulo Lolita
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Garcia S Lolita
Cunanan C Lolita
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Manalo Lolita
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Cruz B Lolita
Galang Lolita
Mejia H Lolita
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King H Lolita
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Garcia V Lolita
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Ramos M Lolita
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Junio L Lolita
Panganiban R Lolita
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Chu N Lolita
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Jocson P Lolita
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Diones A Lolita
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Vicencio F Lolita
Torres S Lolita
Lim Lolita
Nicolas D Lolita
Lopez S Lolita
Ulanday Umali Lolita
Magbanua E Lolita
Cabrera C Lolita
Magno Lolita
Concepcion Lolita
Ang N Lolita
Mendiola L Lolita
Santiago R Lolita
Santiago M Lolita
Severino B Lolita
Valdiviezo Lolita
Bartolome G Lolita
Ramos H Lolita
Ilagan Z Lolita
Magat C Lolita
Alipio A Lolita
Banal Lolita
Victorino U Lolita
Maravillas E Lolita
Flores Lolita
Bustamante S Lolita
Gan Lolita
Arenas S Lolita
Aquino Lolita
Ong Lolita
Almanzor P Lolita
Duria Lolita
Gaspar Lolita
Naval S Lolita
Tuazon Y Lolita
Cunanan Lolita
Lim O Lolita
Basa G Lolita
Manahan Lolita
Gonzales F Lolita
Ronquillo G Lolita
Alvarez I Lolita
Labrador C Lolita
Andrade D Lolita
Cheng Lolita
Ching C Lolita
Tobias Lolita
Regidor P Lolita
Loreto S Lolita
Enriquez S Lolita
Sevilleja C Lolita
Reyes S Lolita
Francia G Lolita
Almazan L Lolita
Montemayor R Lolita
Cheng M Lolita
Chavez Lolita
Donato T Lolita
Mallari C Lolita
Sevilla V Lolita
Santiago L Lolita
Legaspi P Lolita
Pablo N Lolita
Conde B Lolita
Sumabat J Lolita
Eleuterio Q Lolita
Mendoza T Lolita
Paulino Lolita
Enrique Lolita
Vidal Lolita
Almazan Lolita
Melo C Lolita
Medina Lolita
Aragon L Lolita
Lazaro O Lolita
Monfero C Lolita
Teves I Lolita
Victorio L Lolita
Pura B Lolita
Tan U Lolita
Lim G Lolita
Aquino Z Lolita
Gomez B Lolita
Ruiz V Lolita
Panganiban Lolita
Pangilinan R Lolita
Vergara G Lolita
Custodio B Lolita
Salazar A Lolita
Rojo R Lolita
Gerardo Lolita
Solis A Lolita
Cruz L Lolita
Jimenez Lolita
Gutierrez B Lolita
Villanueva T Lolita
Reyes D Lolita
Duque A Lolita
Galang P Lolita
Villanueva G Lolita
Dayrit Lolita
Que E Lolita
Santiago B Lolita
Fermin D Lolita
Sarmiento M Lolita
Mendoza C Lolita
Manubay P Lolita
Gatmaitan Y Lolita
Crisostomo T Lolita
Aguila A Lolita
Villas M Lolita
Oliveros R Lolita
Evangelista C Lolita
Polinar Lolita
Belmonte Lolita
Meriel N Lolita
Aquino F Lolita
Cruz J Lolita
Tiangco Lolita
Santos A Lolita
Ceres P Lolita
Balagtas D Lolita
Corona Lolita
Santiago G Lolita
Gomez G Lolita
Angeles I Lolita
Mangahas A Lolita
Sanchez T Lolita
Belino V Lolita
Arevalo R Lolita
Santiago A Lolita
Zamora M Lolita
Dagdagan R Lolita
Ilagan R Lolita
Chan B Lolita
Pagunsan G Lolita
Mercado L Lolita
Logan P Lolita
Belen F Lolita
Aquino C Lolita
Gonzales G Lolita
Marquez A Lolita
Bautista D Lolita
Bunyi Lolita
Marcelo O Lolita
Sebastian L Lolita
Decena A Lolita
Salangsang A Lolita
Acoba S Lolita
Lopez C Lolita
Hipolito R Lolita
Policarpio S Lolita
Reyes R Lolita
Urbano C Lolita
Feliciano Lolita
Longino C Lolita
Sara Lolita
Bayna B Lolita
Panganiban T Lolita
Tamo G Lolita
Buenafe M Lolita
Camacho P Lolita
Agustin M Lolita
Vargas M Lolita
Reamillo B Lolita
Cortez J Lolita
Amador C Lolita
Beltran D Lolita
Marquez Lolita
Labo Lolita
Acob A Lolita
Lucero Lolita
Yap S Lolita
Quinones Lolita
Gonzales M Lolita
Nacpil B Lolita
Reyes M Lolita
Libunao R Lolita
Rivera S Lolita
Veneracion D Lolita
Bayot Z Lolita
Cortez M Lolita
Fajardo B Lolita
Francisco Lolita
Aguilar D Lolita
Ramirez H Lolita
Blanco S Lolita
Baligad A Lolita
Yang Lolita
Sales S Lolita
Bartolome R Lolita
Velasco P Lolita
Aquino M Lolita
Geronimo Lolita
Zapata C Lolita
Reyes B Lolita
Polo Lolita
Cruz G Lolita
Gonzales P Lolita
Lao R Lolita
Acob L Lolita
Tumbaga C Lolita
Pastor P Lolita
Valenzuela Lolita
Santos V Lolita
Lavina C Lolita
Bautista A Lolita
Rodriguez Lolita
Malibiran M Lolita
Macaraeg C Lolita
Abad Lolita
Evangelista S Lolita