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The word Corazon has a web popularity of 35200000 pages.


What means Corazon?
The meaning of Corazon is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Corazon is a small custom provider of unique travel experiences to chilean and argentine patagonia.
Corazon is located on the romantic south side of town and the rio cuale at 326 calle amapas.
Corazon is assisting northeast georgia medical center with the implementation of a cardiovascular program expansion to include interventional cardiology and.
Corazon is consistent with the typical cost assumptions used by the cities included in this analysis.
Corazon is the result of listening to hart device users who asked for a intuitive cost effective solution.
Corazon is a lovers getaway on the secluded beach of soliman bay near tulum.
Corazon is just wanting to get into warehouses that house equipment and supplies to be used on the northern coast of honduras.
Corazon is by far the best record steve earle has ever made.
Corazon is the fourth highest ranking general in the kingdom of lost souls.
Corazon is a fictional character in a fictional game with a fictional setting and various copyrights inherant in that.

What is the origin of name Corazon? Probably Philippines or UK.

Corazon spelled backwards is Nozaroc
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Rzaonco Ozarnoc Ornozac Razonoc Onocazr Roczaon Azrocno Noazocr Nocroaz Orzanco Acornoz
Misspells: Corszon Cotazon Colazon Coazon Corazona Croazon Corazno Coraozn

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Reyes R Corazon
Pablo V Corazon
Vargas F Corazon
Mateo S Corazon
Vigilla O Corazon
Carpio P Corazon
Sevilla G Corazon
Chua S Corazon
Morales N Corazon
Mendoza A Corazon
Francisco T Corazon
Junio D Corazon
Bugayong R Corazon
Nicdao M Corazon
Romero B Corazon
Silvano C Corazon
Clarina D Corazon
Tolentino M Corazon
Dayrit Corazon
Loreno C Corazon
Manalo Corazon
Marquez P Corazon
Sia P Corazon
Hipolito D Corazon
Perez S Corazon
Ting A Corazon
Villamin R Corazon
Fernandez G Corazon
Aragon Corazon
Ledesma T Corazon
Camacho M Corazon
Adriano Corazon
Carino D Corazon
Marcelino M Corazon
Castro R Corazon
Sunga B Corazon
Pamintuan S Corazon
Gonzales A Corazon
Tayag D Corazon
Manahan A Corazon
Tandoc A Corazon
Mapa Corazon
Mendoza P Corazon
Neri T Corazon
Aguas A Corazon
Andres S Corazon
Severino T Corazon
Fernando P Corazon
Amar M Corazon
Viray G Corazon
Pila C Corazon
Reyes B Corazon
Mercado Corazon
Gregorio F Corazon
Miguel Bernardo Corazon
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Manansala S Corazon
Abuyen L Corazon
Angeles H Corazon
Mago P Corazon
Garcia P Corazon
Tengco R Corazon
Respicio Corazon
Aguilar A Corazon
Dieta G Corazon
Rodriguez B Corazon
Ramos L Corazon
Castro T Corazon
Pangan C Corazon
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Sicat G Corazon
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Armas Corazon
Pagtakhan Corazon
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Roque Corazon
Castillo R Corazon
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Sanchez A Corazon