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The word Rivera has a web popularity of 238000000 pages.


What means Rivera?
The meaning of Rivera is unknown.

Joy Oliver Espejo says: Filipino heritage

Web synthesis about this name:

...Rivera is loaded on a truck during a simulated chemical attack.
Rivera is playing the field while on a minor league rehab assignment with single.
Rivera is expected to be activated from the dl to rejoin the yankees on thursday.
Rivera is a veteran foreign correspondent who has been on the frontlines in virtually every international conflict since 1973.
Rivera is also director of the advanced education program in the department of endodontics.
Rivera is a new york based immigration and naturalization attorney whose practice offers a wide range of experience in this highly specialized area.
Rivera is situated approximately 11 miles southeast of downtown los angeles.
Rivera is meeting the growing needs of its business community through the development of unique business attraction.
Rivera is a certified public accountant in the state of indiana.
Rivera is coach of 1998 by michael boylan sports editor.

What is the origin of name Rivera? Probably Chile or Mexico.

Rivera spelled backwards is Arevir
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Riavre Varire Iverra Verari Airerv Irvare Ervari Averri Iraver Ervair Aevrir Ievarr Riarev
Misspells: Rivers Tivera Ryvera Riwera Livera Ivera Riveraa Rviera Rivear Rivrea

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Rivera Nathy
Rivera C Lourdesita
Rivera Rodrigo
Rivera O Ronel
Rivera S Maricel
Rivera G Elizer
Rivera S Paquito
Rivera A Patricia
Rivera A Jojette
Rivera N Oscar
Rivera B Danilo
Rivera S Evangeline
Rivera F Norberto
Rivera Pasion Rey
Rivera D Dolores
Rivera A Leonora
Rivera V Daniel
Rivera A Isidro
Rivera Annalisa
Rivera R Arthur
Rivera S Mamrisa
Rivera C Avelino
Rivera O Jose
Rivera M Norilyn
Rivera F Maria
Rivera Rigor
Rivera L Rebecca
Rivera M Teodorico
Rivera Crisostomo
Rivera A Cesar
Rivera C Damaso
Rivera A Dionel
Rivera G Gilda
Rivera Edgar
Rivera U Ana
Rivera N Maricon
Rivera Domingo
Rivera C Melba