Miranda - details and analysis   

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The word Miranda has a web popularity of 337000000 pages.


What means Miranda?

The meaning of Miranda is: Admirable

Miranda Rullman says: this is so cool i didn't know there were so many people with the same name as mine :D

Web synthesis about this name:

...Miranda is required for the asymmetric localization of prospero.
Miranda is required for the asymmetric localization of prospero during mitosis in drosophila chun.
Miranda is another one of our very special honeybees.
Miranda is dying with all of her might she never comes she always goes she.
Miranda is a small satellite with a diameter of 470 kilometers.
Miranda is your favorite character from mysterious ways.
Miranda is the 12th known satellite from the planet.
Miranda is a modern functional programming language designed by professor david turner of the.
Miranda is a trademark of research software limited of europe.
Miranda is a 3 year old female black labrador retriever and is primarily a drug detection dog.

What is the origin of name Miranda? Probably Chile or Brazil.

Miranda spelled backwards is Adnarim
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Imaradn Inaradm Iradnam Randaim Daimanr Diarman Raminad Nadamri Irnaamd Amiradn Anrimad
Misspells: Mirsnda Mitanda Myranda Milanda Mianda Mirandaa Mrianda Miranad Miradna

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Miranda Miranda Miranda Miranda Miranda

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