Lagasca - details and analysis   

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The word Lagasca has a web popularity of 983000 pages.


What means Lagasca?
The meaning of Lagasca is unknown.

What is the origin of name Lagasca? Probably Philippines or UK.

Lagasca spelled backwards is Acsagal
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Alagacs Asagacl Agacsal Gascaal Caalasg Caaglas Galasac Sacalga Agsaalc Asgalac
Misspells: Lsgasca Llagasca Lagaca Lagascaa Lgaasca Lagasac Lagacsa

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Lagasca Lagasca Lagasca Lagasca Lagasca

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Lagasca V Eleanor
Lagasca V Romulo
Lagasca P Roselily
Lagasca V Joselito
Lagasca O Siony
Lagasca Teodulo
Lagasca A Tina
Lagasca B Cerila
Lagasca G Anthony
Lagasca L Felicidad
Lagasca C Jose
Lagasca Elinita
Lagasca C Myrna
Lagasca S Kent
Lagasca T Elmer
Lagasca T Roel
Lagasca A Porfirio
Lagasca Jocelyn
Lagasca A Erlinda
Lagasca V Nerrie
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Lagasca G Julieta
Lagasca V Rodolfo
Lagasca G Higino
Lagasca Felicidad
Lagasca G Ildefonso
Lagasca N George
Lagasca A Roy
Lagasca R Myrna
Lagasca T Nora
Lagasca D Ruth
Lagasca L Rodrigo
Lagasca A Leoncio
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Lagasca J Lourdes
Lagasca Adelaida
Lagasca L Sonny
Lagasca J Graciano
Lagasca C Alegria
Lagasca Melvyn
Lagasca R Emelyn
Lagasca Anacleta
Lagasca B Violeta
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Lagasca Cindy Maria