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The word Cruz has a web popularity of 880000000 pages.


What means Cruz?

The meaning of Cruz is: Cross

Cruz Misquita says: A lot of infomation, not sure how this is usful in our life, yet excieting to know

Web synthesis about this name:

...Cruz is a brazilian guitarist who has taken all of the.
Cruz is strategically located in downtown miraflores.
Cruz is the only island having a road that crosses its interior.
Cruz is located at paraiba state on the north east of brazil and is one of the oldest occupied areas in the state.
Cruz is a federally supported research initiative on the.
Cruz is truly the last bastion of hippydom and a magnet for all things.
Cruz is congratulated by claudio caniggia after scoring the equalising goal against wales.
Cruz is considering changes to their city code to prohibit all kayaks from operating within 300 yards of the shore.
Cruz is famous for its wooden beachside rollercoaster.
Cruz is the 3rd largest city on tenerife after nr 1 santa cruz and nr 2 la laguna.

What is the origin of name Cruz? Probably Chile or Brazil.

Cruz spelled backwards is Zurc
This name has 4 letters: 1 vowels (25.00%) and 3 consonants (75.00%).

Anagrams: Rzuc Zurc Rucz Ruzc Czur Zcur
Misspells: Ctuz Cluz Cuz Cruza Curz Crzu

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Cruz Cruz Cruz Cruz Cruz
Cruz Cruz Cruz Cruz Cruz

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