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The word Bautista has a web popularity of 94900000 pages.


What means Bautista?

The meaning of Bautista is: The baptiser

Web synthesis about this name:

...Bautista is still active to this day and claims to have served mass every day since 1797.
Bautista is nestled in the heart of the noted san juan valley between the gabilan mountains and flint.
Bautista is known throughout the country for its unique selection of shopping boutiques.
Bautista is located on a 38 acre site in san juan bautista.
Bautista is nestled in the heart of the noted san juan valley between the.
Bautista is eligible to come off the dl from his dislocated left shoulder.
Bautista is a good fastball hitter with good plate coverage.
Bautista is also a veteran of seagate software where he was vice president of worldwide oem sales and business development.
Bautista is one of the 578 outstanding primary care physicians in the entire usa and one of only 17 doctors in houston that has been selected.
Bautista is currently a jsps postdoctoral fellow affiliated with the genetic diversity.

What is the origin of name Bautista? Probably Philippines or Mexico.

Bautista spelled backwards is Atsituab
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Sabtiuta Tbiataus Tasutiab Asuatitb Uibtaast Iutatsab Tisubaat Itbasatu Buttiasa Busattai
Misspells: Bsutista Bauttista Bautysta Bautita Bautistaa Buatista Bautisat Bautitsa

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Bautista Anaceto
Bautista C Isagani
Bautista B Rufino
Bautista Froilan
Bautista S Mariano
Bautista Felipe
Bautista Elenita
Bautista L Michelle
Bautista Vener
Bautista O Felisberto
Bautista Diosdado
Bautista A Marleta
Bautista S Flor
Bautista Concepcion Mary
Bautista A Marites
Bautista G Cecilyn
Bautista Juliet
Bautista S Lilibeth
Bautista D Blanquita
Bautista R Roland
Bautista M Elcris
Bautista T Lily
Bautista S Ester
Bautista P Edwin
Bautista F Patrick
Bautista N Imelda
Bautista N Remedios
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Bautista U Adelaida
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Bautista A Bernardina
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