Miguel - details and analysis   

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The word Miguel has a web popularity of 640000000 pages.


What means Miguel?

The meaning of Miguel is: Who Is Like God

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...Miguel is an attorney committed to the representation of individuals who have been the victims of unlawful termination and harassment.
Miguel is a picturesque city of arched colonial mansions.
Miguel is perched on a plain in the central mountains of mexico.
Miguel is a free flowing river that originates high in the san juan mountains above telluride.
Miguel is 26 miles south of point conception and 55 miles west of ventura.
Miguel is the most westerly of the channel islands and is one of the least often visited.
Miguel is a technology anchor and correspondent for cnn headline news and a contributor to the science and technology series.
Miguel is determined to gain his respect the only way he knows how.
Miguel is set in a game reserve overlooking the vast alentejo plains.
Miguel is the largest of the azorean islands and its capital ponta delgada both the busiest harbour and largest town.

What is the origin of name Miguel? Probably Spain or Chile.

Miguel spelled backwards is Leugim
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Milgeu Lgemui Iulemg Igumel Guelmi Limueg Lmegiu Lguemi Uliegm Lugmie Eulimg Mileug
Misspells: Miguell Myguel Miguela Mgiuel Migule Migeul

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