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The word Zehnder has a web popularity of 7310000 pages.


What means Zehnder?
The meaning of Zehnder is unknown.

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...Zehnder is engaged in the operation of two establishments which together constitute the largest independent.
Zehnder is located on 100 acres of scenic woodlands off of herbertsville road in wall township.
Zehnder is a member of the american society of mechanical engineers and the society for experimental mechanics.
Zehnder is associate professor of pathology and medicine.
Zehnder is another individual who will bring a wealth of talent and a new perspective to the board.
Zehnder is a new member of the department of natural science at gardner.
Zehnder is the managing director of emag in switzerland since 1997.
Zehnder is a journeyman teacher who has distinguished himself with his expertise in helping upper elementary students learn.
Zehnder is a graduate of western illinois university.
Zehnder is represented in romania by the company ruck.

What is the origin of name Zehnder? Probably Switzerland or France.

Zehnder spelled backwards is Rednhez
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Rendezh Rezhend Nzehred
Misspells: Zehndet Zehndel Zehnde Zehndera Zhender Zehndre Zehnedr

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Zehnder Zehnder Zehnder Zehnder Zehnder

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Beat Markus Zehnder
Markus Zehnder