Stokland - details and analysis   

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The word Stokland has a web popularity of 227000 pages.


What means Stokland?
The meaning of Stokland is unknown.

What is the origin of name Stokland? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Stokland spelled backwards is Dnalkots
This name has 8 letters: 2 vowels (25.00%) and 6 consonants (75.00%).

Misspells: Stoklsnd Stoklland Sttokland Tokland Stoklanda Sotkland Stokladn Stoklnad

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Stokland Stokland Stokland Stokland Stokland

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Bror Stokland
Hans Vilhelm Stokland
Stine Glad Stokland
Ørjan Stokland
Torje Stokland
Jonas Stokland
Agnar Johan Stokland
Ingebjørg Stokland
Aud Helene Stokland
Halldis Stokland
Grethe Bjøberg Stokland
Gunvor Stokland
Camilla Stokland
Martin Stokland
Hedda Sylten Stokland
Gunnar Stokland
Sverre Stokland
Per Svein Stokland
Wanja Stokland
Maja Forseth Stokland
Mary Anne Stokland
Jens Oddvar Stokland
Bjørg Alvseike Stokland
Karl Stokland
Brynjolv Stokland
Tone Amundsen Stokland
Marie Voigt Stokland
Kirsten Synnøve Stokland
Trine Meling Stokland
Sindre Stokland
Elna Margrethe Stokland
Liv Tove Stokland
Guri Dybvik Stokland
Beathe Iren Stokland
Aleksander Stokland
Inger Johanne Stokland
Ronny Stokland
Aasmund Stokland
Elisebeth Stokland
Ludvig Arne Stokland
Elise Eilertsen Stokland
Markus Bjøberg Stokland
Birgit Stokland
Margrethe Stokland
Åsa Stokland
Gunne Stokland
Ketil Stokland
Anne Brit Stokland
Gunhild Johanne Stokland
Margit Stokland
Monica Stokland
Jorun Stokland
Erik Stokland
Ben Magne Stokland
Svend Ole Stokland
Johan Isak Stokland
Dan Marius Stokland
Olav Stokland
Leif Magne Stokland
Helge Stokland
Magne K Stokland
Anne Stokland
Tora Sylten Stokland
Trine Brembo Stokland
Torbjørn Stokland
Claus Erik Monge Stokland
Anna Stokland
Vicenta Malabote Stokland
Dag Stokland
Kristin Krogstad Stokland
Nina Stokland
Beate Svemo Stokland
Heidi Stokland
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Wivi Stokland
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Egil Stokland
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Nina Lindblad Stokland
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Ellen Stokland
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Magne Hansen Stokland
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Arne Stokland
Sigve Stokland
Marita Stokland
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Marit Stokland
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Bjørn Allan Stokland
Amalie Stokland