Sellevold - details and analysis   

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The word Sellevold has a web popularity of 169000 pages.


What means Sellevold?
The meaning of Sellevold is unknown.

What is the origin of name Sellevold? Probably Norway.

Sellevold spelled backwards is Dlovelles
This name has 9 letters: 3 vowels (33.33%) and 6 consonants (66.67%).

Misspells: Selllevold Sellewold Ellevold Sellevolda Slelevold Sellevodl Sellevlod

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Berit Malmfrid Sellevold
Arvid Sellevold
Knut Sellevold
Maren Sellevold
Siv Ellen Sellevold
Aud Sissel Sellevold
Signe Sellevold
Arnt Olav Sellevold
Bent Inge Sellevold
Magne Sellevold
Janne Sellevold
Beate Sellevold
Aina M Paulsen Sellevold
Tom Sellevold
Synnøve Sellevold
Camilla Sellevold
Mona Stenshorne Sellevold
Geir Ove Sellevold
Toril Sellevold
Even Sellevold
Berit Jansen Sellevold
Åse Sellevold Sellevold
Arvid Karsten Sellevold
Agnar Sellevold
Håkon Sellevold
Stian Helgesen Sellevold
Reidun Nora Sellevold
Arnfred Sellevold
Arne Sellevold
Elin Sellevold
Karin Sellevold
Knut Gunnar Sellevold
Kirsti Sellevold
Sidsel Sellevold
Nils Harald Sellevold
Torstein Sellevold
Holger Sellevold
Helga Sellevold
Simen Sellevold
Elisabeth Sellevold
Aud Sellevold
Torbjørn Sellevold
Erik J Sellevold
Terje Sellevold
Erlend Bjørn Sellevold
Jannicke Sellevold
Astrid Maria Sellevold
Jarle Sellevold
Paal Sellevold
Liv Sellevold
Ester Mary Sellevold
Gunnar Harald Sellevold
Eirik Sellevold
Irma Sellevold
Nico Sellevold
Marianne Sellevold
Elin K Sellevold
Mindor August Sellevold
Kristin Liv Sellevold
Victoria Sellevold
Gro Sellevold
Tor Magne Sellevold
Stian Sellevold
Mary Elizabeth Sellevold
Petter Sellevold
Knut Ole Sellevold
Eivin Dyvik Sellevold
Veronica Sellevold
Bjørnar Sellevold
Steinar Sellevold
Maria Sellevold
Tonje Sellevold
Åse Sellevold
Alexander Sellevold
Elizabeth Sellevold
Hildur Sellevold
Anne Margrethe Sellevold
André Sandnes Sellevold
Frida Kallhovd Sellevold
Reidun Helene Sellevold
Bjørn Sellevold
Solfrid Irene Sellevold
Tine Sellevold
Lois Massa Sellevold
Einar Gisle Sellevold
Ragnhild Sellevold
Svein Sellevold
Frode Sellevold
Elin Kvamme Sellevold
Svein Gunnar Sellevold
Olav Sellevold
Inger Sellevold
Liv Kristine Sellevold
Marit Sellevold
Tor Ivar Sellevold
Viljar Dyvik Sellevold
Norvald Sellevold
Astrid Sellevold
Øystein Sellevold
Nina Sellevold
Preben Sellevold
Jan Sellevold
Kari Sellevold
Vegar Sellevold
Morten Sellevold
Knut Jonas Sellevold
Knut Jonas Sellevold
Liv Stokke Sellevold
Fredrik Sellevold
Jonny Sellevold
Espen Sellevold
Øyvind Sellevold
Helen Sellevold
Oddne Karl Sellevold
Therese Sellevold
Trond Audun Sellevold
Marius Eide Sellevold
Trine Sellevold
Tor M Sellevold
Inger Marie Sellevold
Randi Sellevold
Kurt Sellevold
Ingrid K Sellevold
Mons Ole Dyvik Sellevold
Kathe Hasla Sellevold
Margareth Sellevold
Helge Sellevold
Fredrik R Sellevold
Merete Sellevold
Siv Annie Sellevold
Stig Sellevold
Hild Sellevold
Åse Hilbjørg Sellevold
Aina Sellevold
Roy Sellevold
Therese Osa Sellevold
Randi M Munter Sellevold
Åsfrid Elin Sellevold
Reidar Sellevold
Erling Sellevold
Jo Carlos Sellevold
Jan Aslak Sellevold
Eyolf Sellevold
Svein Aksel Sellevold
Harald Sellevold
Randolf Sellevold