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The word Nielsen has a web popularity of 306000000 pages.


What means Nielsen?
The meaning of Nielsen is unknown.

Jens Lønberg Nielsen says: Nielsen simply mmeans "Son of Niels", or "Niel's Son" .. Niels-Son

Esben Nielsen says: Nielsen Denmark Nielson Norway

Web synthesis about this name:

...Nielsen is news a collection of coverage by jason whitman 02.
Nielsen is someone who is known in the sideshow world as a self.
Nielsen is not the first member of his family to pursue a career in teaching.
Nielsen is a user advocate and principal of the nielsen norman group.
Nielsen is best known to the world as the freethinking visionary.
Nielsen is director of global business studies and professor of international business at the merrick school of business at the.
Nielsen is excluding data from households with dvrs from its industry reports.
Nielsen is pulled back onto the force when a terrorist threatens to bomb the academy awards show.
Nielsen is now looking for a christian bluegrass band to produce.
Nielsen is president of the nielsen environmental field school.

What is the origin of name Nielsen? Probably Denmark or Norway.

Nielsen spelled backwards is Neslein
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Inneles Eslinne Islenen Elsenin Lseenni Nilsene Ennisle Neneils Slennei Lnienes Nseinle Selinne
Misspells: Niellsen Nyelsen Nielen Nielsena Neilsen Nielsne Nielesn

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