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The word Mathisen has a web popularity of 4500000 pages.


What means Mathisen?
The meaning of Mathisen is unknown.

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...Mathisen is an associate and member of the trial and appellate practice segment.
Mathisen is a professor of history at western baptist college in salem.
Mathisen is chief of thoracic surgery at massachusetts general.
Mathisen is the chief of general thoracic surgery at massachusetts general hospital and.
Mathisen is the wife of the president and shares the companies history profile.
Mathisen is the current elderly stateswoman of the hotel and something of a celebrity figure.
Mathisen is a perl script for taking html pages from mapblast and converting them into data that is compatible with most gps receivers.
Mathisen is also sceptical that residensea will start a trend.
Mathisen is president and principal owner of the mathisen company.
Mathisen is one msn subscriber who has found msn mobile a great way to keep track of important information while he is away from the office.

What is the origin of name Mathisen? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Mathisen spelled backwards is Nesihtam
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Ishetanm Htismean Eminhats Timenash Sahemtin
Misspells: Msthisen Matthisen Mathysen Mathien Mathisena Mtahisen Mathisne Mathiesn

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Geir Bjørk Mathisen
Oddmund Petter Mathisen
Astrid Bjerkås Mathisen
Dagmar Synnøve Mathisen
Atle Mathisen
Solfrid Agnete Mathisen
Magny Mathisen
Malin Bjørkås Mathisen
Svanhild Pauline Mathisen
Sigrid Mentzen Mathisen
Sveinung Angvik Mathisen
Ben Adrian Mathisen