Løvdahl - details and analysis   

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What means Løvdahl?
The meaning of Løvdahl is unknown.

What is the origin of name Løvdahl? Probably Norway.

Løvdahl spelled backwards is Lhadvøl
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

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Gro Løvdahl
Mie Cathrin Løvdahl
Thomas Gevelt Løvdahl
Eyolf Berner Løvdahl
Vera Løvdahl
Hans Løvdahl
Miriam Dagestad Løvdahl
Johan Løvdahl
Markus Løvdahl
Kai Are Løvdahl
Eva Løvdahl
Else Marie Løvdahl
Terje Løvdahl
Anne Stake Løvdahl
Oddvar Løvdahl
Anders Løvdahl
Jan Egil Løvdahl
Marit Kamilla Løvdahl
Oddbjørn Løvdahl
Bjørn Erik Løvdahl
Sebastian Løvdahl
Aud Løvdahl
Pål Løvdahl
Kolbjørn Løvdahl
Turi Løvdahl
Bente Gry Løvdahl
Nelly Løvdahl
Bjørg Løvdahl
Stig Løvdahl
Stein Løvdahl
Maiken Løvdahl
Rafael Escobar Løvdahl
Vigdis Austad Løvdahl
Lone Løvdahl
Stine Løvdahl
Audun Løvdahl
Sarah Therese Løvdahl
Lene Kristin Løvdahl
Hege Stake Løvdahl
Kine Lerstøl Løvdahl
Arvid Løvdahl
Anny Løvdahl
Johannes Løvdahl
Lars Oddvar Løvdahl
Susanne Løvdahl
Rolf Audun Løvdahl
Kim Løvdahl
Gerd Eldbjørg Løvdahl
Synnøve Løvdahl
Inger Lise Løvdahl
Monica Løvdahl
Stian Løvdahl
Ruth Løvdahl
Ole Petter Løvdahl
Gunnar B Løvdahl
Ave Løvdahl
Eigil Løvdahl
Jeanette Løvdahl
Aslak Løvdahl
Håkon Løvdahl
Thomas Løvdahl
Benedikte Løvdahl
Aud Wenche Løvdahl
Lillian Løvdahl
Johnny Løvdahl
Tove Løvdahl
Kirsten Helene Løvdahl
Alexander Løvdahl
Tonje Løvdahl
Martin Løvdahl
Eva Lægreid Løvdahl
Linda Tveit Løvdahl
Steffen Borgar Løvdahl
Gunvor Løvdahl
Harald Løvdahl
Geir Ove Løvdahl
Øyvind Løvdahl
Bjørg Elisabeth Løvdahl
Anne Marie Løvdahl
Tone Flatebø Løvdahl
Rune Løvdahl
Tone Løvdahl
Pia Toril Løvdahl