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The word Knutsen has a web popularity of 5930000 pages.


What means Knutsen?
The meaning of Knutsen is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Knutsen is a norwegian who plays for the columbus national hockey league team.
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Knutsen is the first blue jackets player and first norwegian.
Knutsen is offered the charge of head of engineering at egli.
Knutsen is a member of the madison independent media center.
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Knutsen is one of five commission members appointed by president clinton.
Knutsen is a member of the colorado podiatric medical association and the american podiatric medical association.
Knutsen is a member of the colorado podiatric medical association and the american podiatric medical associa.
Knutsen is a senior associate with north star in minneapolis.

What is the origin of name Knutsen? Probably Norway or UK.

Knutsen spelled backwards is Nestunk
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Stenkun
Misspells: Knuttsen Knuten Knutsena Kuntsen Knutsne Knutesn

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Knutsen Knutsen Knutsen Knutsen Knutsen

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Stine Cecilie Knutsen
Ulla Perly Knutsen
Birgit Knutsen
Magne Knutsen
Per Ragnar Knutsen
Anders Løken Knutsen
Bjørg Rita Nipe Knutsen
Sigvard Knutsen
Geirmund Knutsen
Aleksander Snare Knutsen
Irma Synnøve Knutsen
Sissel Eide Knutsen
Wenche Stavland Knutsen
Gunnar Alfred Knutsen
Guri Knutsen
Carl Knutsen
Oddrun Sofie Knutsen
Solfrid Alice Knutsen
Oddhild Knutsen
Steinar Knutsen
Audun Knutsen
Pernille Neksum Knutsen
Flemming Knutsen
Elise Kristine Knutsen
Liv Oddhild Knutsen
Ring Knutsen
Eva Sørum Knutsen
Joakin Brenne Knutsen
Rannveig Helene Knutsen
Tonje Beyer Knutsen
Jarle E Knutsen
Annlaug Knutsen
Per Tobias Knutsen
Gro Knutsen
Even Knutsen
Andreas Are Knutsen
Marianne Leinan Knutsen
Sonja Mathilda Knutsen
Endre Emil Knutsen
Klaus Arne Knutsen
Idun Knutsen
Aasa Sørbukt Knutsen
Trond Vidar Knutsen
Maren Ek Knutsen
Hilde Gran Knutsen
Oddny Knutsen
Jonny Knutsen
Gerhard Robert Knutsen
Turid Wesselvold Knutsen
Sigrun Alvilde Knutsen
Erik Malmo Knutsen
Ken Rune Knutsen
Eirik Brune Knutsen
Helen Knutsen
Evald Knutsen
Edle Knutsen
Jeanette Midtbø Knutsen
Willis Roald Knutsen
Per Tobias Knutsen
Malene Knutsen
Kåre Noralf Knutsen
Lise Marie Knutsen
Aina Knutsen
Jon Arild Knutsen
Gøran Knutsen
Iselin Knutsen
Ellen Bjørge Knutsen
Severin A Knutsen
Kirsten Knutsen
Stig Gunnar Knutsen
Svein Arne Knutsen
Lisbeth Odiva Knutsen
Ellinor Lovise Knutsen
Bjørn Thorleif Knutsen
Jarand Aslak Knutsen
Håvard Løvstad Knutsen
Torbjørg Anie Knutsen
Anne Knutsen
Knut Joar Knutsen
Kjersti Kjellfrid Knutsen
Mentz Arild Knutsen
Leif Malvin Knutsen
Ruth Lona Knutsen
Roald Øistein Knutsen
Trond Volle Knutsen
Inger Anne Knutsen
Magnus Våge Knutsen
Hans Christian Knutsen
Inga Maud Knutsen
Inger Marita Knutsen
Sølve Helge Knutsen
Tone Iren Knutsen
Gerd Ella Knutsen
Nichlas Stokker Knutsen
Kari Anne Knutsen
Frank Ronny Knutsen
Anne Maiken Knutsen
Karin Høie Knutsen
Signe Knutsen
Andreas Damsgård Knutsen
Daniel Hellebø Knutsen
Jacob Sandrup Knutsen
Frits Einar Knutsen
Simone Knutsen
Kurt Olaus Knutsen
Michelle Alimento Knutsen
Marlene Knutsen
Ine Hatleberg Knutsen
Arne Knutsen
Snorre Knutsen
Birgith Knutsen
Håkon Liverød Knutsen
John G Knutsen
Knut Åge Knutsen
Maria Knutsen
Stig Arne Leinan Knutsen
Bertil Knutsen
Karine Knutsen
Kirsten Johanne Knutsen
Jimmy Knutsen
Lilli Kristine Knutsen
Rune Andre Knutsen
Eivind Arnt Knutsen
Anni Knutsen
Reidun Åsan Knutsen
Inga Amanda Knutsen