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The word Karlsen has a web popularity of 13700000 pages.


What means Karlsen?
The meaning of Karlsen is unknown.

per says: meaning is not unknown: Karlsen="son of Karl" Karl or Old English carl or anglo saxon'Churl' means a free man. Húskarl is oldnorse for bodyguard or retainers at court, some for english 'housecarl'

Web synthesis about this name:

...Karlsen is the director of research for pinkerton global intelligence services.
Karlsen is a fantastic pianist who is head of jazz music at unlv.
Karlsen is the artistic director of the enchanted forest opera company in new york city.
Karlsen is the president of the association of media and technology of education in canada.
Karlsen is also widely known as an organist and church musician with many years of service in the church of norway.
Karlsen is known as a well renowned music journalists and radio dj on national radio.
Karlsen is associate professor of project management at the norwegian school of management bi.
Karlsen is a project director at hta architects ltd.
Karlsen is not concerned that the film might be viewed as.
Karlsen is responsible for understanding current mar.

What is the origin of name Karlsen? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Karlsen spelled backwards is Neslrak
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Nalsekr Nekrals Lkarnes
Misspells: Ksrlsen Katlsen Karllsen Kallsen Kalsen Karlen Karlsena Kralsen Karlsne Karlesn

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Agnethe Karlsen
Yngve Kvalnes Karlsen
Espen Nordheim Karlsen
Daniel Sundt Karlsen
Anne Marie Uglem Karlsen
Svanhild Karlsen
Per Martin Karlsen
Jon Birger Karlsen
Ida Katrine Rowe Karlsen
Tove Myklebust Karlsen
Bjørn Skaare Karlsen
Børge Karlsen
Hilmar Johannes Karlsen
Signy Irene Karlsen
Ruth Hals Karlsen
Tove Horn Karlsen
Bjørn Sigvald Karlsen
Elisabeth Mundal Karlsen
Olav Stangeland Karlsen
Ida Renate Karlsen
Carsten Karlsen
Linda Eileen Karlsen
Ove Henrik Karlsen
Freidar Karlsen
Sylvia Eugenie Karlsen
Per Julius Karlsen
Per Rise Karlsen
Veslemøy Elise Karlsen
Alexander Bryhn Karlsen
Danuta Elzbieta Karlsen
Monika Karlsen
Øistein Sigurd Karlsen
Thore E Karlsen
Sven Arild Karlsen
Per Ivar Gjesdal Karlsen
Kristina Karlsen
Susanne Elisabet Karlsen
Ella Karlsen
Olov Gro Karlsen
Åse Karlsen
Gunnvor Anna Karlsen
Ankar Loyd Karlsen
Valter Karlsen
Andrea Rydland Karlsen
Arvid Roald Karlsen
Wilhelm Karlsen
Iwona Barbara Karlsen
Beate Gilde Karlsen
Sølvi Alexandra Karlsen
Patrik Karlsen
Pia Marie Karlsen
Yvonne Karlsen
Lene Hov Karlsen