Kalvatn - details and analysis   

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The word Kalvatn has a web popularity of 105000 pages.


What means Kalvatn?
The meaning of Kalvatn is unknown.

Thomas tinnesen kalvatn says: The name kalvatn is originaly from north-sweden

What is the origin of name Kalvatn? Probably Norway.

Kalvatn spelled backwards is Ntavlak
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Lvatnak Tnakval Nkatval
Misspells: Kslvatn Kallvatn Kalvattn Kalwatn Kalvatna Klavatn Kalvant Kalvtan

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Jorun E Kalvatn
Brian Carlo Kalvatn
Sivert Kalvatn
Ståle Ivar Kalvatn
Dagny Kalvatn
Stig Kalvatn
Ove Kalvatn
Alma Pauline Kalvatn
Bjørg Petrine Kalvatn
Dorrit Kalvatn
Leikny Gunhild Kalvatn
Marianne Kalvatn
Svein Kalvatn
Eivind Kalvatn
Magnhild Kalvatn
Bernt Kalvatn
Johan Kåre Kalvatn
Sebastian Ulstein Kalvatn
Kai Roger Kalvatn
Maria Tvergrov Kalvatn
Hilde Kalvatn
Kari Janne Kalvatn
Svein Egil Kalvatn
Knut Harald Kalvatn
Leiv Tormod Kalvatn
Maria Myrhaug Kalvatn
Peder Børtnes Kalvatn
Helene Kalvatn
Kjetil Kalvatn
Leikny Kalvatn
Eivind Myrhaug Kalvatn
Arnstein Kalvatn
Eddy Kalvatn
Anders Kalvatn
Andrea Kalvatn
Elisabeth Kalvatn
Leif Kalvatn
Lilly Kalvatn
Brit Åse Håvik Kalvatn
Robert Kalvatn
Tove Kristin Kalvatn
Terje Kalvatn
Sivert Reidar Kalvatn
Iwar Willy Kalvatn
Emilie Kalvatn
Sergei Kalvatn
Agathe Hageland Kalvatn
Dag Rune Kalvatn
Geir Kalvatn
Michael Kalvatn
Ingrid Iversen Kalvatn
Remedios Santos Kalvatn
Peder Kalvatn
Mona Kalvatn
Ingvild Helena Kalvatn
Olav Kalvatn
Solveig Kalvatn
Hildur Synnøve Kalvatn
Rasmus Kalvatn
Lindis Kalvatn
Alexander Kalvatn
Knut Kalvatn
Bodil Kalvatn
Kristin Kalvatn
Henriette Ulstein Kalvatn
Harald Petter Kalvatn
Mikael Tinnesen Kalvatn
Monica Kalvatn
Siri E Ivarson Kalvatn
Joakim Kalvatn
Håvard Kalvatn
Oddhild Kalvatn
Elin Kalvatn
Kari Hageland Kalvatn
Tove Kalvatn
Eddie Phillip Kalvatn
Ragnar Sigurd Kalvatn
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Olga Kalvatn
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Liv Kalvatn
Merete Kalvatn