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The word Jonassen has a web popularity of 2250000 pages.


What means Jonassen?
The meaning of Jonassen is unknown.

What is the origin of name Jonassen? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Jonassen spelled backwards is Nessanoj
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Nojsanes Ssaenonj Jnaesosn
Misspells: Jonsssen Jonasen Jonassena Jnoassen Jonassne Jonasesn

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Michael Jonassen
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Marthe Jonassen
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Egil Jonassen
Kai Alfred Jonassen
Jone Jonassen
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Cathrine Jonassen
Roger Jonassen
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Janiche Jonassen
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Tor Marne Jonassen
Karine Jonassen
Karl Øyvind Jonassen
Gry Jonassen
Grethe Charlotte Jonassen
Ted Jonassen
Kevin Jonassen
Rune Alexander Jonassen
Katrine Evensen Jonassen
Christer E M Jonassen
Hjalmar Jonassen
Birgitta M Jonassen
Arne Magne Jonassen
Siw Jonassen
Nora Eikeland Jonassen
Rebecca Bu Jonassen
Ane Wendt Jonassen
Else Marie Jonassen
Inger Lise Jonassen
Alfhild Jonassen
Jan Magnus Jonassen
Agnes Jonassen
Reidun Hamer Jonassen
Jon Arne Mørch Jonassen
Tove Jonassen
Werner Jonassen
Ove Jonassen
Svein Roar Jonassen
Ingrid Marianne Jonassen
Martin Olai Jonassen
Jahn Erik Jonassen
Tord Jonassen
Eldbjørg Jonassen
Gine Jonassen
Morten Leander Jonassen
Karin Beathe Jonassen
Oddny Jonassen
Arvid Mikal Jonassen
Marius Opsanger Jonassen
Jonny Jonassen
Jan Inge Jonassen
Steinar Nils Jonassen
Martin Jonassen
Nina Kivijervi Jonassen
Otto Magne Jonassen
Lisbet Jonassen
Cato Jonassen
Marton Jonassen
Magne Ingolf Jonassen
Ewa Gunvor Jonassen
Bodil Jeanet Jonassen
Roar Jonassen
Sigbjørn Jonassen
Linda Beate Jonassen
Anne Grethe Jonassen
Ida Kinden Jonassen
Irmelin F Jonassen
Marie Wilhelmine Jonassen
Jorun Marie Jonassen
Arnstein Jonassen
Arnold Jonassen
Jens Jonassen
Rigmor Jonassen
Idun Linnea Jonassen
Arne Edgar Jonassen
Per Leon Jonassen
Alis Jonassen
Brigt Jonassen
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Maiken Jonassen
Fredrik H M Jonassen
Birger Ludvik Jonassen
Rigmor Anne Jonassen
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Tor August Jonassen
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Grethe Høidahl Jonassen
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Martin Gjølberg Jonassen
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Gunvald Jonassen
Sven Hugo Jonassen
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Merete Jonassen
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Stein Jonassen
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H Petter Jonassen
Ulla Jonassen
Vetle Odin Jonassen
Elna Jonassen
Knut Tore Wendt Jonassen
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Tonje Jonassen
Solveig Jonassen
Yngvar Jonassen
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Charles Jonassen
Hans J Jonassen
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Thore Jonassen
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Jan Per Jonassen
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Gerd Jonassen
Remi Jonassen
Kristin Eek Jonassen
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Even André Jonassen
Tone Laila Jonassen
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Ola Jonassen
Ola Bognøy Jonassen
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Else Jonassen
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Jesper Jonassen
Kenneth Jonassen
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Andre Jonassen
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Karsten Jonassen
Stine Halle Jonassen
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Åsa Kristine Jonassen
Mette Karin Moen Jonassen
Gro Jonassen
Tim Alan Roland Jonassen
Dag Henry Jonassen
Willy Marvel Jonassen
Arvid Jonassen
Ottar Jonassen
Brigt Johannes Jonassen