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The word Johansen has a web popularity of 6030000 pages.


What means Johansen?

The meaning of Johansen is: God is gracious. A form of John

B Johansen says: Johansen means simply "son of Johan". It's a typical Skandinavian surename, where offspring is named after parents.

Johansen says: Pround to be associated with 1/ a million Johansen's

Web synthesis about this name:

...Johansen is found to have committed the felony for the purpose of unlawful gain.
Johansen is back and he just wants to sing the blues.
Johansen is alarming and hostile to all consumer interests.
Johansen is an associate in the salt lake city law firm of babcock.
Johansen is actually not being prosecuted under copyright infringement laws.
Johansen is responsible for investments in the sectors utilities and capital goods.
Johansen is currently a graduate student at ucsb in the mechanical engineering department.
Johansen is facing charges by the norwegian government for his efforts on the decryption of dvds in order to be able to.
Johansen is past chairman and vice chairman of the forest resources committee.
Johansen is a member of the washington and oregon bars and is a former council member of the american bar association.

What is the origin of name Johansen? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Johansen spelled backwards is Nesnahoj
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Hojsanen Nsaehonj Jhaenosn
Misspells: Johsnsen Johanen Johansena Jhoansen Johansne Johanesn

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Kristin Sæbø Johansen
Karoline Afseth Johansen
Bjørg Oddrun Johansen
Bonifacia Templa Johansen
Eddy Marvin Johansen
Annika Johansen
Jørgen Trang Johansen
Catarina Pencae Johansen
Else Marie Johansen
Tony Rene Johansen
Sveinung Johansen
Tobias Kleve Johansen
Astrid Nilsine Johansen
Hilmar Alexander Johansen
Marit Askim Johansen
Eva Unni Johansen
Thor Joh Johansen
Tore B Johansen
Kurt Aage Johansen
Jofrid Johansen
Harald Mosseng Johansen
Aud Iren Johansen
Roy Tony Johansen
Vanja Elisabeth Johansen
Nikolai Pareli Johansen
Liv Monika Johansen
Trine Krog Johansen
Kyrre Johansen
Markus H Johansen
Jenni Lunde Johansen
Eliot Torleif Johansen
Sylvia Veena Johansen
Edel Vestli Johansen
Bente Grønnerud Johansen
Åsmund Godtfred Johansen
Kine Renate Johansen
Alfhild Østring Johansen
Karin Oliva Johansen
Edvin Hermod Johansen
Anita Torgun Johansen
Sara Josefine Johansen
Mathias Flaget Johansen
Anne Mette Lade Johansen
Lilli Agnethe Johansen
Karoline Sundal Johansen
Trond Eklund Johansen
Arvid Markus Johansen
Idar Magnus Johansen
Kjersti Råkil Johansen
Carine Lynghaug Johansen
Ludolf Johansen
Mats Petersen Johansen
Åge Oliver Johansen
Thomas Mo Johansen
Tom Ingar Johansen
Kine Grundt Johansen
Salli M Johansen
Cecilie Bratland Johansen
Petter Bakkan Johansen
Mona Lilleaas Johansen