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What means Holmqvist?
The meaning of Holmqvist is unknown.

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...Holmqvist is among the most skilled defensemen in the elite league.
Holmqvist is the possibility of a reference library of audio recordings published during 2001.
Holmqvist is getting his hands checked before leaving the area.
Holmqvist is currently sharing duties with import vitali yeremeyev in hartford of the ahl.
Holmqvist is showing all the signs of becoming an all.
Holmqvist is defending the goal tonight as he takes 2 shots on the power play which netted a 0 score for the monsters.
Holmqvist is the fact that the rangers already have good goaltenders in their system.
Holmqvist is a very talented player who is regarded as a sure.
Holmqvist is also a qualified church musician and is employed by the church of sweden.
Holmqvist is a solid goalie who should be able to make a decent career at the nhl level.

What is the origin of name Holmqvist? Probably Sweden or Norway.

Holmqvist spelled backwards is Tsivqmloh
This name has 9 letters: 2 vowels (22.22%) and 7 consonants (77.78%).

Misspells: Hollmqvist Holmqvistt Holmqvyst Holmqwist Holmovist Holmqvit Holmqvista Hlomqvist Holmqvits Holmqvsit

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Holmqvist Holmqvist Holmqvist Holmqvist Holmqvist
Holmqvist Holmqvist Holmqvist Holmqvist Holmqvist

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Grete Ødegård Holmqvist
Birgitte Holmqvist
Jonas Ådnøy Holmqvist
Freddy Holmqvist
Tomas Holmqvist
Stig Nils Holmqvist
Andreas Rolf Holmqvist
Marie Langsholt Holmqvist
Britta Linnea Holmqvist
Tage Jonas Holmqvist
Mona Holmqvist
Morten Holmqvist
Jan Patrik Holmqvist
Tage Jonas Holmqvist
Edith Holmqvist
Martin Holmqvist
Jonas Dny Holmqvist
Tommy Holmqvist
Urban Fritjof Holmqvist
Sofie Beatrice Holmqvist
Jonas Holmqvist
Knut Allan Holmqvist
Tommy Hans Åke Holmqvist
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Oskar Holmqvist
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Emma Kristina Holmqvist
Erika Sofia Holmqvist
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Cathrine Holmqvist
Leif Jon Holmqvist
Jan Gunstein Holmqvist
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Jimmy Holmqvist
Elsie Arna Holmqvist
Magnus Holmqvist
Johan Urban Holmqvist
Frans Johan Holmqvist
Gustav Holmqvist
Erik Gustav Holmqvist
Tore Holmqvist
Pernille Holmqvist
Steve Sagulo Holmqvist
Tomas Bertil Holmqvist
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Karin Marie Holmqvist
Maud Linnéa Holmqvist