Hoddevik - details and analysis   

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The word Hoddevik has a web popularity of 340000 pages.


What means Hoddevik?
The meaning of Hoddevik is unknown.

Venjum says: Familyname western norway

What is the origin of name Hoddevik? Probably Norway.

Hoddevik spelled backwards is Kiveddoh
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Evdidokh Ddevhiok Ihekdodv Dehikovd Vodihdek
Misspells: Hoddevyk Hoddewik Hoddevika Hdodevik Hoddevki Hoddeivk

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Eva Hoddevik
Stian Alexander Hoddevik
Paul Inge Hoddevik
Linda Hoddevik
Leslie Hoddevik
Egil Jonas Hoddevik
Elisabeth Hoddevik
Magnar Per Hoddevik
Magnhild Hoddevik
Sverre Hoddevik
Daniel Hoddevik
Ida Hoddevik
Hilde Merete Hoddevik
Arild Svein Hoddevik
Kristine Ethel B Hoddevik
Kari Hoddevik
Steinar Jarle Hoddevik
Andre Hoddevik
Guri Hoddevik
Åse Hoddevik
Espen Hoddevik
Karen Helene Hoddevik
Anita Hoddevik
Kjetil Hoddevik
Mie Cathrine Hoddevik
Bente Karin Hoddevik
Ole Martin Hoddevik
Ingvar Hoddevik
Birgitte Marie Hoddevik
Per Mathias Hoddevik
Willy Hoddevik
Stein Erik Hoddevik
Cindy Helen Hoddevik
Ole Johnny Hoddevik
Målfrid Hoddevik
Otto Jan Hoddevik
Kåre Magnar Jon Hoddevik
Magnar P. Hoddevik
Harald Hoddevik
Rune Hoddevik
Wenche Hagset Hoddevik
Ronny Hoddevik
Miriam Hoddevik
Karin Hoddevik
Frank Ørjan Hoddevik
Jan Ove Hoddevik
Cathrine Hoddevik
Bodil Hoddevik
Eirun Hoddevik
Cecilie Hoddevik
Kai Bjørnar Hoddevik
Tor Morten Hoddevik
Janne Hoddevik
Arne S Hoddevik
Eva Karin Hoddevik
Kjersti Hoddevik
Halfdan Hoddevik
Arild Hoddevik
Wivi Hoddevik
Tina Hoddevik
Liv Hoddevik
Margrete Hoddevik
Bjørg Eva Stige Hoddevik
Geir Robin Hoddevik
Jens Petter Hoddevik
Wenche Hoddevik
Borgny Hoddevik
Magnar Hoddevik
Hilde Hagset Hoddevik
Frode Hoddevik
Asgeir Knut Hoddevik
Johan Hoddevik
Ivar Hoddevik
Andreas Mortlock Hoddevik
Vibeke Hoddevik
Arne Jan Hoddevik
Bente Haarstad Hoddevik
Geir Magne Hoddevik
Johnny Per Hoddevik
Annbjørg Randi Hoddevik
Rune Georg Kelly Hoddevik
Roger Hoddevik
Alvhild Edel Hoddevik
Lars Vegard Hoddevik
Siv Irene Hoddevik
Mathias Hoddevik
Erna Oddfrid Hoddevik
Randi Hildur Hoddevik
Per Magne Hoddevik
Inger Helene Hoddevik
Egil Jonas Hoddevik
Dag Sverre Hoddevik
Camilla Hoddevik
Kristian Hagset Hoddevik
Stig Hoddevik
Jan Magne Hoddevik
Gerda Hoddevik
Karsten Hoddevik
Sven Krister Hoddevik
Ingjerd Hoddevik
Ragnhild Hoddevik
Sissel Berit Hoddevik
Mathias Orheim Hoddevik
Tor Erik Hoddevik
Kjellaug Marie Hoddevik
René Hoddevik
Jan Otto Hoddevik
Per Arne Hoddevik
Gunhild Solveig Hoddevik
Lise Marie Hoddevik
Magne Hoddevik
Øyvind Arne Hoddevik
Jan Aage Hoddevik
Anne Ragnhild Hoddevik
Maria Hoddevik
Gunnar Martin Hoddevik
Anita Sundsmoen Hoddevik
Ole Christian Hoddevik
Christina Lunde Hoddevik
Reidun Hoddevik
Asbjørn Rune Hoddevik
Margrethe K Hoddevik
Ragnhild Gro Hoddevik
Halvor Hoddevik
Perly Anita Hoddevik
Magny Alvhild Hoddevik
May Kristin Hoddevik
Karstein Johan Hoddevik
Svein Hoddevik
Stig Are Hoddevik
Tove Hoddevik
Andreas Hoddevik
Marthe Elin Hoddevik
Torbjørn Stokke Hoddevik
Gunnar Mikal Hoddevik
Bjørg Eva Hoddevik
Pål Christoffer Hoddevik
Stian Ervik Hoddevik
Per Malvin Hoddevik
Mathias Hilmar Hoddevik
Heidi Ivonne Hoddevik
Kristine Stokke Hoddevik
Svanhild Petra Hoddevik
Else Karin Hoddevik
Heidi Hoddevik
Frank Helge Hoddevik
Leiv Petter Hoddevik
Bodil Petra Hoddevik
Jarle Hoddevik
Trond Hoddevik
André Hoddevik
Mindor Hoddevik
Anders Hoddevik
Arne Johan Hoddevik
Per Mathias Hoddevik
Beret Hoddevik
Ragnhild Marie Hoddevik
Mathias Orheim Hoddevik
Hilde Iren Kvam Hoddevik
Magnar Kåre Hoddevik
Arnold Hoddevik
Hanne Merete Hoddevik
Randi S Hoddevik
Halvdan Hoddevik
Terje Hoddevik
Geir Hoddevik
Jonny Hoddevik
Lene Hoddevik
Anita Otneim Hoddevik
Marta Hoddevik
Bjørn Hugo Hoddevik
Marianne Hoddevik
Brit Kirsten Hoddevik
Bunlue Hoddevik
Grete Liv Hoddevik
Arild Gunnar Hoddevik
Roar Helge Hoddevik
Anne Margrethe Hoddevik
Harald Jarl Hoddevik
Arne Hans Hoddevik
Ingrid Ragnhild Hoddevik