Haugstad - details and analysis   

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The word Haugstad has a web popularity of 748000 pages.


What means Haugstad?
The meaning of Haugstad is unknown.

Tor Haugstad says: Haugstad is the name of a fant i Western Norway, inHå community, Jæren. It translates "Hil(ly) Place" (haug-stad).

Web synthesis about this name:

...Haugstad is technical staff member and director of the characterization facility.
Haugstad is a senior technical staff member and director of the characterization facility.

What is the origin of name Haugstad? Probably Norway or UK.

Haugstad spelled backwards is Datsguah
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Adtugsah Ushadatg Tagahusd Ashudatg Hugasatd
Misspells: Hsugstad Haugsttad Haugtad Haugstada Huagstad Haugstda Haugsatd

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Jan Rune Haugstad
Ingar J. Haugstad
Tove Marie Haugstad
Arvid Haugstad
Joakim Haugstad
Signe Haugstad
Torbjørn Haugstad
Skjold Hogne Haugstad
Lilly Haugstad
Berit Lund Haugstad
Tonje Søvik Haugstad
Olav Gunnar Haugstad
Reni Haugstad
Arild Haugstad
Mathias Kvitrud Haugstad
Einar Haugstad
Wenche Eliassen Haugstad
Mona Haugstad
Thea Haugstad
Kari Haugstad
Hans A Haugstad
Anja Elisabeth Haugstad
John Haugstad
Synnøve Haugstad
Liv Haugstad
Jenjira Haugstad
Åge Haugstad
Malin Haugstad
Nils Einar Haugstad
Fritz Haugstad
Sonja Haugstad
Ove M Haugstad
Ingvild Haugstad
Anita Haugstad
Håvard Haugstad
Geir Haugstad
Inger Berit Haugstad
Vidar Olsen Haugstad
Liv Henny Haugstad
Mette Skouen Haugstad
Hilde Haugstad
Ottar Haugstad
Rune Haugstad
Hanne H Haugstad
Andreas Eios Haugstad
Ragnar Haugstad
Jeanette Lygren Haugstad
Arve Haugstad
Alf Haugstad
Sigve Haugstad
Svanhild Helland Haugstad
Frode Haugstad
Patchara Haugstad
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Emma Haugstad
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Jorid Haugstad
Aud Ingeborg Bø Haugstad
Anne Jorid Haugstad
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Heid Judith M Haugstad
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Mats Håkon J Haugstad
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Birger Haugstad
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Knut Fritjof Haugstad
Linda Lillebø Haugstad
Marit Haugstad
Steinar Haugstad
Sissel Johnsen Haugstad
Arne Løge Haugstad
Pål Haugstad
Jan Egil Haugstad
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Ariane Eios Haugstad
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Aud Haugstad
Martine Røtvold Haugstad
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Natalia Haugstad
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Preben Haugstad
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Maria E Haugstad
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Else Johanne Haugstad
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Gina Haugstad
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Anna Haugstad
Oddvar Haugstad
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John Gunnvar Haugstad
Svein Ove Haugstad
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Ivar Haugstad
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Anne Gurine Haugstad
Solveig Marie Haugstad