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The word Haugen has a web popularity of 15500000 pages.


What means Haugen?
The meaning of Haugen is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Haugen is developing a computer model to predict the consequences of such measures on local air quality as well.
Haugen is a composer of liturgical music for both roman catholic and protestant congregations.
Haugen is committed to ensuring the privacy of users of this web site.
Haugen is one of the most notable figurative sculptors of his time.
Haugen is neither convincing nor complete in his critique.
Haugen is internationally renowned as an ecumenical composer of worship music and liturgy.
Haugen is a member of the financial executives institute and the conference board council of financial executives.
Haugen is one of the most down to earth riders on the scene.
Haugen is currently the deputy supervisor of babylon and a member of the local government advisory committee for the south shore estuary reserve.
Haugen is pleased to answer all technical and sales.

What is the origin of name Haugen? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Haugen spelled backwards is Neguah
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Hanueg Nuehga Agnehu Unhaeg Aughen Ugenha Nahgeu Anuheg Geunha Nugeha Ahnuge Ghunae Nguhae Egnahu Agunhe Hanegu
Misspells: Hsugen Haugena Huagen Haugne Hauegn

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Ida Maria Sortnes Haugen
Allan Haugen
Benjamin Storholt Haugen
Otto Peder Haugen
Ingjerd Helén Haugen
Camilla Holstad Haugen
Alma Johanne Haugen
Madeleine Haugen
Berit Haugen
Olea Haugen
Lars Gjerdrum Haugen
Anita Hognerud Haugen
Bente Christensen Haugen
Heidi Rimås Haugen
Gry Cecilie Haugen
Ingveig Haugen
Ole Magnus Haugen
Arnt Magne Haugen
Julian Løvlie Haugen
Berit Synnøve Haugen
Jan Thorvald Haugen
Gunvor Marie Haugen
Guri Hilmo Haugen
Olaug Marie Haugen
Ingrid Naterstad Haugen
Siri Rein Haugen
Hein Tommy Haugen
Åsa Haugen
Monica Eidem Haugen
Eva Lindvig Haugen
Vetle Haugen
Oddni Haugen
Tore Leon Haugen
Berit Wangensteen Haugen
Arnold Haugen
Evy Anita Sundby Haugen
Jessica Marie Haugen
Bjarne Ingvald Haugen
Erik P Haugen
Bettina Haugen
Clas Martin Haugen
Helena Jenny Aziza Haugen
Jorid Haugen
Severin Haugen
John Benny Haugen
Erika Haugen
Inger Bodil Haugen
Carina Langørgen Haugen
Kari Vetrhus Haugen
Therese Østby Haugen
Cicilie Fjerdingen Haugen
Åsmund Haugen
Bjørge Haugen
Julie Håker Haugen
Signy Berge Haugen
Ener Haugen
Pål Martin Haugen
Geir Birger Haugen
Elin Beate Haugen
Hans Georg Haugen
Erik Sveen Haugen
Ruben Haugen
Lin Margit Groa Haugen
Hilde Agnethe Haugen
Atle Haugen
Ørjan Kvamsdal Haugen
Liv Hansine Haugen
Tom Gisle Haugen
Per Ivar Haugen
Rakel Johanne Haugen
Magne Aamodt Haugen
Kim Uno Haugen
Astri Fossen Haugen
Ida Marie Haugen
Martin Østbye Haugen
Oddgeir Haugen
Anne Jørgine Haugen
Stine Grønnerud Haugen
Sylvi Holst Haugen
Ines Berget Haugen
Morwenna Amy Haugen
Sander Rem Haugen
Anne Marit Haugen
Jannike Dvergsdal Haugen
Torbjørn G Haugen
Elisiv Lovise Haugen
Laila Haugen
Emma Josefine F Haugen
Alfred Hjalmar Haugen
Trond Joar Randor Haugen
Konrad Robert Haugen
Erlend Langeland Haugen
Silje Fransiska Haugen
Andre Vigen Haugen
Gaute Solem Haugen
Karen Sjøtun Haugen
Emil Haugen
Karl Marvin Haugen
Elling Haugen
Endre Nyfløt Haugen
Marina Haugen
Veslemøy Haugen
Morten Haugen
Per Ingvar Haugen
Mette Kjersgaard Haugen
Arne Georg Haugen
Håkon Andre Haugen
Annlaug Haugen
Torkel Arv Haugen
Per Terje Haugen
Cicilie Haugen
Øistein Haugen
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Jan Willy Haugen
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Georg Haugen
Gunhild Halle Haugen
Minna Susanne Haugen
Ingebrigt P Haugen
Arne Kørner Haugen
Tone Heid Haugen Haugen
Jonas Aalstad Haugen
Terje Haugen
Knut Arvid Haugen
Kjersti Hopsdal Haugen
Ida Lillegård Haugen
Walter Einar Haugen
Hans Petter Haugen
Perny Hommeland Haugen
Adriana Haugen
Lisbeth Bråten Haugen
Mildri Haugen
Ellinor Bergene Haugen
Bengt Halvor Haugen
Johs Haugen
Martha Benny Haugen
Øyvind Kveine Haugen
Nina W Haugen
Vibeke Myhre Haugen
Martin Kjærnet Haugen
Tony Haugen
Toril Rustad Haugen
Arne Gunnar Haugen
Per Kolbjørn Haugen
Siri Vaaje Haugen
Helle Cecilie Haugen
Oddveig Hildur Haugen