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The word Hanssen has a web popularity of 7840000 pages.


What means Hanssen?
The meaning of Hanssen is unknown.

Wim Hanssen says: Beek, Netherlands

Web synthesis about this name:

...Hanssen is charged with one of the gravest violations of federal criminal law and.
Hanssen is represented by one of the best criminal lawyers in washington.
Hanssen is the departments investigations commander.
Hanssen is a traitor and that singular truth is his legacy.
Hanssen is not permitted to send or receive emails at this time.
Hanssen is not only an accused spy who federal agents say is responsible for one of the most serious breaches of.
Hanssen is only the third fbi agent ever accused of spying.
Hanssen is sometimes able to release one of her wards into a new home.
Hanssen is a national fellow at the hoover institution and an assistant professor.
Hanssen is undergoing his most intensive probing yet.

What is the origin of name Hanssen? Probably Norway or Netherlands.

Hanssen spelled backwards is Nessnah
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Nassehn Nehnass Shannes
Misspells: Hsnssen Hansen Hanssena Hnassen Hanssne Hansesn

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Harald Victor Hanssen
Renate Bjørkbom Hanssen
Inger F Hanssen
Hilde Hanssen
Edna Kristine Hanssen
Sigve Nordstoga Hanssen
Gry Hanssen
Gjermund Hanssen
Jan Daae Hanssen
Jan Harris Hanssen
Berit Hanssen
Willy Hanssen
Thordis Hanssen
Andreas Søland Hanssen
Håkon Hunnes Hanssen
Synnøve Hanssen
Jenny Hanssen
Anny Helene Hanssen
Gretha Møller Hanssen
Knut Risting Hanssen
Robert Aksel Karl Hanssen
Bård Johan Hanssen
Pia Inger Lyhne Hanssen
Berit Sivertsen Hanssen
Vegard Mjelde Hanssen
Jenny Lundberg Hanssen
Margareth Hanssen
Asle Eyolf Hanssen
Nicolay Emil Hanssen
Jonas Rolandsen Hanssen
Krister Hanssen
Bård Gunder Hanssen
Harald Hanssen
Åse Karin Hanssen
Harald Emil Hanssen
Berit Kanstad Hanssen
Cecilie Mari Hanssen
Øystein Hanssen
Stian Lamo Hanssen