Fagerli - details and analysis   

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The word Fagerli has a web popularity of 796000 pages.


What means Fagerli?
The meaning of Fagerli is unknown.

Per Åge Fagerli says: Fager = beautiful li = hill side

What is the origin of name Fagerli? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Fagerli spelled backwards is Ilregaf
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Afigelr Aregilf Agilref Gerliaf Liaferg Laigfer Gifarel Relifga Agreifl Efagilr Irgafel
Misspells: Fsgerli Fagetli Fagerlli Fagerly Fagelli Fageli Fagerlia Fgaerli Fageril Fagelri

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Ole Kristian Fagerli
Gunnar Leo With Fagerli
Kent Fagerli
John Fagerli
Helle Fagerli
Vigdis Irene Fagerli
Einar Fagerli
Tove Lise Fagerli
Stian Weimo Fagerli
Petter Stranden Fagerli
Knut Johansen Fagerli
Eva Karin Fagerli
Inger Johanne Fagerli
Lene Olea Fagerli
Aage Steinar Fagerli
Vidar Fagerli
Egil Fagerli
Mildrid Karlotte Fagerli
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Filip Fagerli
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Henny Fagerli
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Stian Fagerli
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Sølvi Vikebø Fagerli
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Liv Fagerli
Bjørg Annie Fagerli
Veronica Fagerli
Ola Fagerli
Søren Fagerli
Raymond Jaucis Fagerli
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Kari Johanne Fagerli
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