Eidsvig - details and analysis   

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The word Eidsvig has a web popularity of 221000 pages.


What means Eidsvig?
The meaning of Eidsvig is unknown.

Bjørn Eidsvig says: It is a location name, originating from 2 different places in Western Norway. Vig or vik is a bay, an not so deep arm of the sea innto the countryside. When the vig is located at an eid (a lowland between mountains) it may be called Eidsvik or Eidsvig

What is the origin of name Eidsvig? Probably Norway.

Eidsvig spelled backwards is Givsdie
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Idgivse Gevisid Iigdesv Dievsig Gisvied Dgeivsi Giedisv Dvegsii Vsigedi Seidgiv Visiged
Misspells: Eydsvig Eidswig Eidvig Eidsviga Edisvig Eidsvgi Eidsivg

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Knut Svein Eidsvig
Lena Cathrin Eidsvig
Inger Maria Eidsvig
Martin Eidsvig
Andreas Kolderup Eidsvig
Erik Eidsvig
Per Devold Eidsvig
Randi Time Eidsvig
Seija Anneli Eidsvig
Ninni Petrin Eidsvig
Kirsti Eidsvig
Caroline A Eidsvig
Erik Devold Eidsvig
Eirik Bø Eidsvig
Reidun Nørstebø Eidsvig
Edith Eidsvig
Helene Renton Eidsvig
Didrik Andreas Eidsvig
Arild Devold Eidsvig
Bjørn Devold Eidsvig
Greta Karin Eidsvig
Åsil Bø Eidsvig
Anna Helena Eidsvig
Annemarie Lillian Eidsvig
Bjøn Ivar Eidsvig
Ellinor Eidsvig