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The word Andersen has a web popularity of 103000000 pages.


What means Andersen?

The meaning of Andersen is: Manly, Courageous, Brave.

Stein Andersen says: The meaning of "Andersen" is Anders' son.

Peter says: The son of Anders, not Brave or anything like that :-)

Web synthesis about this name:

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What is the origin of name Andersen? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Andersen spelled backwards is Nesredna
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Dnasener Snaerden Rdenesna Nradnese
Misspells: Sndersen Andetsen Andelsen Andesen Anderen Andersena Adnersen Andersne Anderesn

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Gry Riis Andersen
Irene Petrine Andersen
Erik Dovland Andersen
Morten Kvalsvik Andersen
Steffen Moen Andersen
Gry Frøiland Andersen
Elsi Solveig Andersen
Marius Lie Andersen
Tom Are Byman Andersen
Vera Andersen
Tine Jordal Andersen
Aase Elfrida Andersen
Lars Erik Sørum Andersen
Svein Andersen
Brd Mathias Andersen
Inger G Andersen
Nancy Anita Andersen
Kari Bøe Andersen
Frode Haugsvær Andersen
Knut Bjørn Bie Andersen
Arne Helge Andersen
Sigrid Cicilie Andersen
Birgith Andersen
Linda Steen Andersen
Susanne Eva Andersen
Sondre Andersen
Poul Fredrik Andersen
Emil Hilmar Andersen
Martin Furholt Andersen
Richart Andersen
Sidsel Galland Andersen
Lars Løberg Andersen
Jan Erlend Andersen
Thomas Løkka Andersen
Nikoline Laura Andersen
Sveinung Kåre Andersen
May Jorid Andersen
June Aune Andersen
Helle Haug Andersen
Eivind Ekholt Andersen
Gro Kathinka Andersen
Anette Skjødt Andersen
Karl Emil Andersen
Alexander Hellum Andersen
Jørgen Finsal Andersen
Sjur Inge Andersen
Bjørn Iver Andersen
Kristine G Andersen
John Edward Andersen
Anne Mundal Andersen
Kristin Mediaas Andersen
Clas Fredric Andersen
Gunhild Ingeborg Andersen
Per Wiborg Andersen