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The word Amundsen has a web popularity of 9330000 pages.


What means Amundsen?
The meaning of Amundsen is unknown.

Svein Schrøder Amundsen says: The meaning of Amund:Meaning: Respectful protector Explanation: The boy's name to derive from the Norse " Amundi " , where "a" means " very" and " Mundi " is a form of " Mundra " which means " protect / protects " , but it can also be a variant of Agmund consisting by name parts ag and mund , where ag is a Norse word meaning "respect / fear " or " sword tip " while mund is derived from the Old Norse word " Mundra " which means " protector / guards " . According to

Svein Schrøder Amundsen says: Amundsen means, of course, son of Amund

Web synthesis about this name:

...Amundsen is held in ever higher regard as a scientist and an explorer.
Amundsen is determined to use a blimp and byrd decides that the place that he wants to do his expedition from spitsbergen.
Amundsen is telling balchen not to come near byrd and one can only suspect that byrd has that information from.
Amundsen is one of more than 250 professional member vessels throughout the north america and around the globe.
Amundsen is also the first man to cross the arctic by air.
Amundsen is probably most famous for his journey to the south pole in 1911.
Amundsen is giving an external materiality to the interior force described by susan sontag as.
Amundsen is an artist based in london and oslo working with textile art.
Amundsen is a new scientific software tool to derive time series of spatially variable fields applying a wide range of interpolation and parameterization.
Amundsen is forced to spend the harsh polar winter with the natives.

What is the origin of name Amundsen? Probably Norway or UK.

Amundsen spelled backwards is Nesdnuma
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Nudsaemn Snanduem Emusnand Mnenasdu Msunedna Adnesnum Dunmesna Mdaunesn
Misspells: Smundsen Amunden Amundsena Aumndsen Amundsne Amundesn

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Victor Amundsen
Klaus Erik Amundsen
Baard Ole Amundsen
Eldbjørg Agnes Amundsen
Brage Høyem Amundsen
Marit Aakervik Amundsen
Kåre Mikael Amundsen
Grete Lillian Amundsen
Anne Ruth Amundsen
Trine Marie Amundsen
Petter Fidje Amundsen
Elfrid Amundsen
Geir Amundsen
Sissel Amundsen
Lasse Tjugum Amundsen
Anne Skår Amundsen
Audun Eike Amundsen
Bent Ove Amundsen
Amund Roald Amundsen
Rune Helge Amundsen
Ivar Willanger Amundsen
Egil Størk Amundsen
Ronald Amundsen
Marit Oleanne Amundsen
Gerd Undis Amundsen
Linda Riple Amundsen
Eva Irene Amundsen
Madeleine Amundsen
Viola Amundsen
Solrun Amundsen
Iselin Amundsen
Mathilde Amundsen
Stig Werner Amundsen
Mickel Jakob Amundsen
Trond Karstein Amundsen
Elsa Jytte Amundsen
Jonny Rune Amundsen
Ingerine Amundsen
Jon Torstein Amundsen
Guri Amundsen
Asbjørn Hagset Amundsen
Kyrre Andre Amundsen
Tor Mentz Amundsen
Ole Johan Amundsen
Ingeborg Huse Amundsen
Håkon Jan Peder Amundsen
Aaron Amundsen
Signy Irene Amundsen
Marvin Amundsen
Ida Selmer Amundsen
Julie Isabel Amundsen
Fritz Ove Amundsen
Rikke Sofie Amundsen
Marius Heimly Amundsen
Martin William Amundsen
Astri Amundsen
Bettina Amundsen
Bente Føleide Amundsen
Petra Amundsen
Sebastian Amundsen
Joseph Klidou Amundsen
Anniken Johnsen Amundsen
Lene Adrianne Amundsen
Arne Ragnar Amundsen
Haaken Amundsen
Alf Ludvig Amundsen
Kristianne Amundsen
Heidi Volden Amundsen
Monica Elisa Amundsen
Ystein Magnus Amundsen
Bertil Amundsen
Stina Amundsen
Inger Amundsen
Anniken Amundsen
Bjarte Amundsen
Tor Edmund Amundsen
Halvor Amundsen
Elida Pauline Amundsen
Nils Olav Amundsen
Mary Lise Amundsen
Oda Beitnes Amundsen
Kari Lykke Amundsen
Remi Ojala Amundsen
Aasmund Hovda Amundsen
Solfrid Bergo Amundsen
Inger Garborg Amundsen
Pia Marie Amundsen
Julie Oleanne Amundsen
Maja Amundsen
Solveig Risvåg Amundsen
Janne Amundsen
Peter Frilseth Amundsen
Tor Håkon Amundsen
Espen Andre Amundsen
Aslaug Amundsen
Rebecca Enggrav Amundsen
Viggo Amundsen
Waltraud Wagner Amundsen
Liv Berge Amundsen
Jon Olav Amundsen
Jonas Trovåg Amundsen
Einar Amundsen
Asbjørn Stein Amundsen
John Ivar Amundsen
Harry William Amundsen
Tone Inger Amundsen
Kim Andre Amundsen
Arnulf Oliver Amundsen
Ken Amundsen
Jostein Olai Amundsen
Elizabeta Amundsen
Torny Helen Amundsen
Espen Amundsen
Aud Heglum Amundsen
Per Ewald Amundsen
Tobias Ryen Amundsen
Tommy Andre Amundsen
Aslaug Fjellet Amundsen
Bjørn Frode Amundsen
Jan Are Amundsen
Ragnhild Omnes Amundsen
Veronika Amundsen
Walther Wilhelm Amundsen
Gunhild Amundsen
Bjarne Arnet Amundsen
Veera Iida Alina Amundsen
Trine E Stolt Amundsen
Hely Aulikki Amundsen
Unni Helene Brox Amundsen
Richard Amundsen
Kjersti Patricia Amundsen
Lykke Amelie Amundsen
Erik Aarhuus Amundsen
Ruth Grieg Amundsen
Annette Schøne Amundsen
Thomas Buøy Amundsen
Vivi Amundsen
Svein Brede Amundsen
Gunder Håvard Amundsen
Caroline Røbech Amundsen
Trine Messel Amundsen
Jens Alex Støre Amundsen
Mathea Jorund Amundsen
Merethe H Amundsen
Ellen Hatløy Amundsen
Ronny Olstad Amundsen
Margit Hagset Amundsen
Eirik Langård Amundsen
Terje Levi Amundsen
Marit Sunnarvik Amundsen
Siv Katrin Amundsen
Oddveig Målfrid Amundsen
Bernt Arne Amundsen
Sondre Faugstad Amundsen
Eirik Meyer Amundsen
Berte Figenschou Amundsen
Aud Violet Amundsen
Monika Giæver Amundsen
Åse Tvedten Amundsen
Asle Amundsen
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Anne Thordis Amundsen
Elly Hilfling Amundsen
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Marek Amundsen
Ken Are Amundsen
Trine Rustad Amundsen
Hildur Amundsen
Olaf Mangor Amundsen
Wenche Synnøve Amundsen
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May Langård Amundsen
Nina Amundsen
Frithjof S Amundsen
Siri Amundsen
Even Amundsen
Christer André Amundsen
Robert Rustad Amundsen
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Tove Sakshaug Amundsen
Rune Myhra Amundsen
Ingeborg Amundsen
Izabel Cristina Amundsen
Marianne Ingberg Amundsen
Bernt Alvestad Amundsen
Sissel E G Amundsen
Daniel Amundsen
Sara Ingeborg Amundsen
Thora Synnøve Amundsen
Åse Amundsen
Maalfrid Sæther Amundsen
Roald Solensteen Amundsen
Martine Amundsen
Renny Bakke Amundsen
Turid Wenche Amundsen
Magda Amundsen
Agnes Amundsen
Henri Arnulf Amundsen
Camilla Røbech Amundsen
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Gunnar Jon Anton Amundsen
Kristoffer Emil Amundsen
Oddleif Amundsen
Roy Arild Amundsen
Jan Erland Amundsen
Marianne Braun Amundsen
Kristin Røbech Amundsen
Ellen Røhne Amundsen
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Frank Amundsen
Kristoffer Amundsen
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Anne Marie Amundsen
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Preben Amundsen
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Gunvor Marie Amundsen
Åse Serine Amundsen
Bjørn Helge Amundsen
Roger Risdal Amundsen
Magnhild Amundsen
Erling G Amundsen
Inge Amundsen
Nadia Amundsen
Terje J Amundsen