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The word Wenche has a web popularity of 7420000 pages.


What means Wenche?
The meaning of Wenche is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Wenche is at present assigned as seismic interpreter of fractured carbonate reservoirs in the canadian foothills and syria in the multidisciplinary carbonate.
Wenche is a fully qualified technical translator in english from agder college and has worked at apropos as both a translator and a project co.
Wenche is the first woman to become president of the rotary club of battle.
Wenche is inspecting the car on its first run after the restoration.
Wenche is the person to ask if you need something done by yesterday.
Wenche is an elven fighter going to be arcane archer.
Wenche is inspecting the car on its first run after the restoration www.

What is the origin of name Wenche? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Wenche spelled backwards is Ehcnew
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Newehc Ehnewc Hceewn Ecnewh
Misspells: Vvenche Wenchea Wneche Wenceh Wenhce

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Wenche Wenche Wenche Wenche Wenche

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Wenche Løkkemyr Myrland
Wenche Stenersen
Wenche Irene Vadstø
Wenche Harstad
Wenche Pettersen Lind
Wenche Sofie Slettvold
Wenche Byberg
Wenche Berget
Wenche Gysland
Wenche Lundgreen
Wenche Løseth
Wenche Mørkesdal
Wenche Sollid
Wenche Kjørlaug Eide
Wenche Laila Aarevoll
Wenche Nørstebø
Wenche G Ervik Sæle
Wenche Henden
Wenche Helgeland
Wenche Aamodt
Wenche Wåland Korsbø
Wenche Jonsson Gjerde
Wenche Vedvik Hopland
Wenche Marie Husvik
Wenche Hermansen
Wenche Vollum
Wenche Hilton Hansen
Wenche Helgesen
Wenche Therese Dammerud
Wenche L Nordahl Røsholt
Wenche Schrøder Lassen
Wenche K Felt Eie
Wenche Røsåsen
Wenche Bødtker
Wenche Reistad
Wenche Brenne Rønning
Wenche I S Haukaas
Wenche Mørch Sageie
Wenche Stiansen
Wenche Heggøy
Wenche Dreyer Simonsen
Wenche Hoel
Wenche Arnhild Wilhelmsen
Wenche Å Haugland
Wenche Glamsland Aas
Wenche Mari Røyset
Wenche Kjernli
Wenche Beate Moan
Wenche Irene Skau
Wenche Liv Benum
Wenche Austbø
Wenche Kongerød
Wenche Nylund
Wenche Tandberg Kvae
Wenche Kristine Åsheim
Wenche Karin Olsen
Wenche Kielland Wiborg
Wenche Lauten
Wenche Enghaug Andersen
Wenche Heen
Wenche Hegdal
Wenche Hansine Martinsen
Wenche Dyrud Dahl
Wenche Gullberg
Wenche Brit Torgersen
Wenche Løvlien Olsrud
Wenche Barhaughøgda Eik
Wenche Lindquist
Wenche Nesheim Kaldestad
Wenche Vindenes
Wenche Bjørkås Svarstad
Wenche Karin Pettersen
Wenche Feyling
Wenche Gjertsen
Wenche Brandsdal
Wenche Irene Sollien
Wenche Solheimdal
Wenche Elisabeth Stensby
Wenche Knutsen
Wenche Fornes
Wenche Mirjam Holm Barø
Wenche Gjervan
Wenche Alice Meland
Wenche Førde Haugan
Wenche Lyngvær
Wenche Neverdal Neverdal
Wenche Kunst Wergeland
Wenche Berg Wirkola
Wenche Schjetne
Wenche Bostad
Wenche Helene Schildger
Wenche Wahl Grøtting
Wenche Moen
Wenche Brønstad
Wenche Marie Skjølberg
Wenche Nøkleberg
Wenche Watne Johansen
Wenche Høgseth
Wenche Myntevik Aarvold
Wenche Raabe
Wenche Wilsbeck
Wenche Westby Hagen
Wenche Syvertsen Helland
Wenche Ekholt Bjelland
Wenche Myrhaug
Wenche Olufsen
Wenche Eli Olesen Hovland
Wenche Askelien
Wenche Annie Martinussen
Wenche Vedal
Wenche Ersland
Wenche Hoffsbakken
Wenche Aaserud Roterud
Wenche Løvås Strømberg
Wenche Kaland
Wenche Sten Midtgård
Wenche Øyen
Wenche Synnøve Myren
Wenche Solveig Skjøthaug
Wenche Høgås
Wenche Haraldseid Weka
Wenche S Hov
Wenche Vrålstad
Wenche Eimhjellen
Wenche Ellinor Håheim
Wenche Hungnes
Wenche Mevik
Wenche Kristin Lind
Wenche Lereng Nordengen
Wenche Elisabeth Berg
Wenche F Nordli
Wenche Smith Pedersen
Wenche Iren Flo
Wenche Heske Edland
Wenche Smith
Wenche Krosby
Wenche Mauseth
Wenche Børsheim
Wenche Tekia
Wenche Gullie
Wenche Flage Eriksen
Wenche Foldahl Henriksen
Wenche Kristin Thronsen
Wenche Schanke Eikum
Wenche Brastad
Wenche Tveito Fossøy
Wenche Yoon Wolden
Wenche Sofie Stavland
Wenche Ellinor Kaarbø
Wenche Førsund
Wenche Iren Høynes
Wenche Ausland
Wenche Ruud Moseby