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The word Vibeke has a web popularity of 8160000 pages.


What means Vibeke?

The meaning of Vibeke is: Little woman

Web synthesis about this name:

...Vibeke is in charge of a varied number of tasks for clients in relation to accounting and auditing.
Vibeke is the only western style tattoo artists in the entire country of cambodia.
Vibeke is nog steeds de slaapkamer niet uitgeweest en dus wonen zij en haar kittens nog steeds bij mij in de slaapkamer.
Vibeke is our ever reliable office girl who is always happy to help out.
Vibeke is seen in this photograph transiting upbound in the welland canal during the afternoon of june 7th.
Vibeke is seen in this photograph as she was secured alongside pier 23 north in hamilton.
Vibeke is a holder of many prestigious awards in portraiture for the high quality of her work and continues to use her skills to produce professional.
Vibeke is employed as marketing manager in the marketing department of this company.
Vibeke is a great singer and it looks like she is in some kind of deep trance.

What is the origin of name Vibeke? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Vibeke spelled backwards is Ekebiv
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Viebke Bevike Ibevke Bekevi Eivekb Ikbeve Ekbevi Ebekvi Ivebek Evbeik Eebvik Iebevk Viekeb
Misspells: Vybeke Wibeke Vibekea Vbieke Vibeek Vibkee

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Vibeke Langbakk
Vibeke Anita Trondsen
Vibeke Synøve Bakken
Vibeke Thorsen Mørk
Vibeke Smelror Ottesen
Vibeke Skorstad Simonsen
Vibeke Rootwelt
Vibeke Gjøsether
Vibeke Rinde
Vibeke Selvaag
Vibeke Ansnes
Vibeke Thorud
Vibeke Ringdal
Vibeke Lundsholt Bjerke
Vibeke Rygh Solvang
Vibeke Fatland
Vibeke Ødegaard Andersen
Vibeke Høeg
Vibeke Erstad
Vibeke Egge
Vibeke Svantesen
Vibeke Thiblin
Vibeke Heggedal
Vibeke Vala
Vibeke Brandhaug Karlsen
Vibeke Sund Magnussen
Vibeke Andersson
Vibeke Camilla Petterson
Vibeke Halse Jacobsen
Vibeke Kjølstad
Vibeke Sanne
Vibeke Myrstad
Vibeke Jarness
Vibeke Normann
Vibeke Vågen
Vibeke Nystad Prøsch
Vibeke Bruun Aasberg
Vibeke Meyer Schjelderup
Vibeke Einvik
Vibeke Saure Lokøy
Vibeke Rossnes
Vibeke Varen Eilertsen
Vibeke Walberg
Vibeke Brandvik Ellingsen
Vibeke Opsal
Vibeke Unsgård
Vibeke Bergseng
Vibeke Brattli
Vibeke Wahl
Vibeke Krogh
Vibeke Marie Schjølberg
Vibeke Terese Nemeth
Vibeke Bjaanes
Vibeke Hystad Paulsen
Vibeke Wilhelmsen
Vibeke Bremnes
Vibeke Steinmo Steinmo
Vibeke Kielland
Vibeke Meling
Vibeke Knapstad
Vibeke Helene Øwre
Vibeke Svendsen Ludvigsen
Vibeke Berge Ravnås
Vibeke Vartdal Buaas
Vibeke Hallingrød
Vibeke Børkesveen
Vibeke Skovly
Vibeke Antonsen
Vibeke Nilsen Onarheim
Vibeke Hellstrøm
Vibeke Louise Wisten
Vibeke Kaarstad Pedersen
Vibeke Utvær Bakerød
Vibeke Vangstad
Vibeke Leistad
Vibeke Svenkerud Sommerro
Vibeke Belland
Vibeke Fagereng Gustad
Vibeke Leikvoll
Vibeke Irene Jore
Vibeke Larsgaard
Vibeke Brattberg Ruud
Vibeke Lund
Vibeke Høimyr
Vibeke Gunvaldsen
Vibeke Hellevik Gjerde
Vibeke Haukeland Nielsen
Vibeke Sander
Vibeke Rønneberg
Vibeke Ødegaard
Vibeke Sæle
Vibeke Skogsberg
Vibeke Hunstad
Vibeke Høyland
Vibeke Hov Mikkelsen
Vibeke Osland
Vibeke Gudbrandsen
Vibeke Brun Steinheim
Vibeke Sæthre Slåttnes
Vibeke Karoline Binz
Vibeke Linna
Vibeke Hjelle
Vibeke Bredahl
Vibeke Solvik
Vibeke Thune
Vibeke Slotfeldt
Vibeke Vinje
Vibeke Stoum Sand
Vibeke Listedt Håland
Vibeke Hafstad Wennevold
Vibeke Mattsson
Vibeke Morken Sunde
Vibeke Løckra
Vibeke Fredheim
Vibeke Hermanrud
Vibeke Bånes
Vibeke Tronstad Selnes
Vibeke Solemsli Stiles
Vibeke Helseth
Vibeke Foss
Vibeke Halseth
Vibeke Stræth
Vibeke Jacobsen Haarseth
Vibeke Norum
Vibeke Hylland Fosse
Vibeke Farestvedt Aasheim
Vibeke Meyer Olsen
Vibeke Egseth
Vibeke Opheim
Vibeke Stang Lingås
Vibeke Molund
Vibeke Brandt Brandt